Here’s What These 20 WWE Superstars Eat When The Cameras Aren’t Rolling

From a fan perspective, working for WWE as a talent seems to be a dream job. The average fan gets to see the glamorous part of working for the company as the Superstars put on matches in front of live crowds, surrounded by the glitz and glamour of it all.

However, when the cameras stop rolling, these Superstars turn into normal human-beings. That’s what they call the road life in this business. Following a show, wrestlers are thinking about two things. Getting to the next destination while also getting some food to eat. While trying to live healthy, this type of life can become quite taxing.

In this article, we take a look at the lighter side of the WWE diet, featuring meals these WWE Superstars fully enjoyed while on the road. In most cases, we can say this was a cheat meal for the particular talent. Given their hard work in the ring and rigorous training habits, they more than earned these types of meals.

We will feature a variety of cheat meals including pizza, sushi, hamburgers and a lot of steaks. We will also feature different meals like John Cena’s lamb skewers in China or Daniel Bryan’s vegan meal during his stay in Portland.

Enjoy the article folks, and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here’s what these 20 WWE Superstars eat when the cameras aren’t rolling. Let’s get started!

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20 Carmella and Bayley: Steaks At Andiamo

via Instagram

Behind the scenes, these two grew quite the relationship during their stints with NXT. Carmella was green to the business when joining the developmental brand and Bayley was very influential along the way.

When they’re off the road, the two enjoy one another’s company and what better way to do so than indulging on some fine looking steaks at the popular Las Vegas hot spot, Andiamo. As you will see throughout this article, WWE Superstars love to visit the establishment and why not, just look at those steaks.

19 Ronda Rousey: Chicken Wings

via Pinterest

If you want to see Ronda Rousey smile, just feed her some chicken wings. That’s Rousey’s favorite food and we’ve seen her smoke more than a dozen at a time following UFC victories. Heck, she even has a shirt dedicated to her love for chicken wings. During her time with UFC, even Dana White took part in one of her chicken wing marathons.

Seriously, it wouldn’t surprise us in the slightest if Triple H used the same tactic when signing Rousey to a WWE contract. Maybe her contract clause states, “endless amounts of chicken wings per match victory.”

18 Asuka: Squid and Other Traditions from Japan

via WWE

Prior to her pro wrestling fame, Asuka was a normal person living in Japan working a graphic designer gig. As evidenced by her WWE.com interview, Asuka still loves things from back home and that includes the cuisine. In this particular sit down, Asuka enjoyed some squid along with other traditional plates from her home country.

Whenever she’s on the road, Asuka admits she does her best to visit Japan-related restaurants as much as possible. Without a doubt, that’s her type of comfort food, feeling like she’s back at home.

17 Daniel Bryan: Vegan Meal In Portland

via Instagram

From fancy looking salads to cauliflower nuggets, Daniel Bryan knows how to have a good meal while eating strictly organic and vegan-based food options. While he’s on the road, Bryan loves to visit vegan hot-spots. This is an example of one of the locations he recently visited. Here’s what Daniel had to say about the experience via his Instagram account;

“I LOVE Portland... here’s the amazing vegan food I got here over the last 24 hours.”

Yup, not only did he get various meals but he was also able to sneak in a yummy vegan-based dessert.

16 Baron Corbin: Approved Piece Of Meat

via Instagram

You know the steak must be good when Baron Corbin himself takes to Instagram and highly recommends it. Like Carmella and Bayley, Corbin visited Andiamo in Vegas most recently. He wasn’t disappointed with the 32 oz Tomahawk steak. In truth, several other WWE Superstars weren’t disappointed either.

A steak is like the perfect cheat meal for a WWE Superstar like Corbin. Although it does contain a lot of fat, it is also stacked with protein. So at the very least, if you’re going to cheat, pick something that’s high in protein like steak. Of course, we don’t need to tell Corbin that.

15 Kurt Angle: Fueling The Fat and Protein Urge

via Instagram

Now we know what Kurt Angle was up to during his WWE hiatus, Along with spending some valuable family time he also took to the restaurant, Andiamo. Like Corbin and the other Superstars, Angle wisely selected the 32 oz Tomahawk steak. Seriously, how could anyone overlook this fine looking piece of meat?

One has to wonder if Angle ordered a glass of milk along with the steak? How hilarious would that photo be featuring Angle with a steak the size of his head along with a glass of milk on the side. Knowing Kurt, he probably regrets not doing that.

14 Hulk Hogan: Organic Cobb Salad

via Twitter

You know times are changing when Hulk Hogan himself turned to fresh and trendy foods. Back in the day, he was probably pounding down a steak and alongside Eric Bischoff backstage.

Conforming with the times, Hogan had himself a low fat, cobb salad. Hogan mentions that it tastes that much better given the fact that his wife made the dish. Here’s what Hulk had to say about the salad via Twitter;

“Straight up organic Cobb salad made by Mrs. Hogan”Jennifer/Bird.” This is a must for my new bar/restaurant Hogan’s Hangout opening in a few weeks here on Clearwater Beach!!!”

13 Roman Reigns: Lobster Made For A King

via Twitter

When a guy the size of Roman Reigns tweets out, “so much food,” that definitely means there was a lot of food. Roman issued out this tweet following his experience at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood.

Roman took the "seven pounds of heaven" meal for himself and the table. Given the size of that lobster and the club sandwiches that followed, we assume The Big Dog had a harder time conquering the sandwich than The Conqueror himself, Brock Lesnar. We assume it was a tough training session for Roman the next day. He probably got them fish sweats.

12 Titus O’Neil and Sasha Banks: Craving Something Sweet

via WWE

Although travelling around the world might be difficult for a WWE Superstar, it is made a lot easier when they have down time to enjoy some of the surroundings like the dining experience. Having a pizza or plate of pasta in Rome is truly a unique experience and on . WWE Superstars experienced in the past.

The photo above is another travel perk as both Titus O'Neil and Sasha Banks enjoy some fine looking desserts during their stay in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Given it was likely O’Neil’s cheat day, we have reason to believe those three desserts evaporated before Sasha could even get a taste.

11 Shawn Michaels: Burger Time

via WWE

Putting his wacky haircut aside, Shawn Michaels still looks phenomenal at the age of 53. Though don’t hold your breath, he recently said he has no desire to return for another match. This according to a recent interview with Sky Sports.

That means that he will be able to fit in a couple more cheat meals. Just a couple of years back, we saw HBK pounding down some sushi alongside long-time buddies Kevin Nash and Triple H. He isn’t opposed to a fatty cheat meal either, indulging on a burger during the Pittsburgh Penguins' march to the cup just a couple of years back.

10 Maria and Mike Kanellis: Cheese Cake and Crème Brule Heaven

via Instagram

We hope Mike Kanellis didn’t have both those desserts. He needs to stay under 205 pounds in order to maintain his presence in the Cruiserweight Division. But seriously, we will give him a pass as the couple celebrated their anniversary at the Andiamo restaurant. What better way to celebrate than enjoying some fine looking desserts, cheese cake and Crème Brule?

We applaud the desserts these two decided to indulge on. No doubt after this pic was snapped that plate became empty rather quick. Moral of the story; wrestlers can eat!

9 Mojo Rawley: Al Baik In Jeddah

via Lovin Saudi

Mojo Rawley had a great time in Jeddah enjoying one of their most popular fast food chains, Al Baik. Founded way back in 1974, the location specializes in broasted chicken and shrimp. Given the amount of protein that can be found in both chicken and shrimp, we assume Rawley left nothing behind, even if it is considered fast food.

As opposed to Rawley, other WWE Superstars enjoyed more of a fine dining feel during their time in the country. Props to Rawley for enjoying the simpler things in life like fast food.

8 Braun Strowman: The Burger Of A Champion

via Instagram

Given his size, it is no secret that Braun Strowman can eat. In fact, back when he got into Strongman, Braun was eating over 10,000 calories per day! He’s eating about a third of that now.

He upped the calorie intake for this delicious burger, one that was so good,  he felt the need to post a photo of it via his Instagram account. Given his threshold for high calorie foods, this was likely a walk in the park for the big fellow. To his credit, he went lighter with the side options, opting for sweet potatoes instead. We wonder if he yelled “this burger is about to get these hands” prior to smashing it down?

7 Kane: Mooyah Burger

via Word Press

Now that he’s off the road, Kane likely feels a little less guilty when it comes to smashing down a burger. In this instance, not only was he eating the burger but he was also serving them back to fans. Kane took part in the experience as the funds from the day went to charity.

Just imagine getting a burger served by Kane. Does it come with a side of chokeslams or piledrivers? We hope not. As evidenced by the photos, he looked to be in good spirits at the Mooyah Burgers, Fries and Shakes establishment.

6 Dana Brooke: Upping The Protein

via Twitter

Dana Brooke knows all about protein, probably more so than half of the WWE locker room. Prior to her WWE run, Brooke was solely focused on making it in the bodybuilding industry. Triple H caught a glimpse of her at the Arnold Classic and she was signed to a deal shortly after.

Following a promising start, Brooke hasn’t been the same on the main roster. At the very least, she’s touring with the company and enjoying some fine meals off camera, such as this great looking steak at Andiamo.

5 Aiden English: 32 oz Tomahawk

via Instagram

Aiden English can use a steak or two these days. Especially given his lack of television time in the recent weeks. Since splitting up from Rusev, English hasn’t been utilized as creative continues to take their time in regards to what’s next for Rusev’s former sidekick.

At the very least, he can continue to rest while enjoying some fine looking meals like this 32 oz Tomahawk. Once he gets back in the ring, he will likely revert to chicken and vegetables.

4 Seth Rollins: Bone-in Rib Eye With Carbs On The Side

via Twitter

Seth Rollins makes a bold decision here, not only opting for the fatty steak but also getting them carbohydrates on the side. In truth, if anyone deserves this type of meal, it’s Seth. The guy works 20-plus minute matches on a regular basis, at least three times a week.

As if that isn’t enough, he’s working out until he falls outside of the ring with his rigorous Cross Fit style that combines both power and endurance. With all that in mind, he can definitely use the steak and pasta.

3 John Cena: Pit-Stop For Skewers In China

via YouTube

“When you walk into the streets of Yinchuan, especially this street, it smells of wonderful spice … but I have no idea what these foods are,” he says. “So basically we’re just gonna walk into a cart and order some.” (Source Next Shark)

That’s exactly what  John Cena did during his stay in China ordering lamb skewers along with popcorn chicken. Cena absolutely loved the skewers, claiming they weren’t overly spicy but just right. He washed his meal down with some Boba tea, a drink he really enjoyed as well.

2 The Rock: The Healthy Plate

via Instagram

We finish the article off with two meals from The Rock. The Great One has two sides to him. One, the clean cut version filled with protein and hardly any carbohydrates. The other side, well, we will feature it in the next entry.

Although his fame is unlike anyone else, The Rock admits he’s still eating the same stuff compared to when he was just a teen. Here’s what he told his Instagram followers:

“What is funny is that even back then when I was 14 yrs old, my daily diet was EXACTLY THE SAME as it is today, eatin’ the same stuff - plain grilled chicken and white rice 🤦🏽‍♂️ Same kid. Slightly better view.”

1 The Rock: The Cheat Pizza Plate

via Instagram

Here is the second side of The Rock. Once a week, Dwayne puts the diet on hold pounding down some serious carbohydrates. In the photo above he’s putting down some pizza. Though his favorite cheat has to be sushi. He also loves peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. As Dwayne says, “if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.”

The Rock also admits that the cheat meals benefit his physique, giving him a fuller look while also aiding the mental aspect of dieting.

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