He’s Got A Kid? 15 Wrestlers You Wouldn’t Believe Are Dads

Living the life of a pro wrestler isn’t exactly as glamorous as we see on television. In fact, the in-between is quite terrible as the wrestlers are required to get their own ground travel, even on the WWE level. The grueling schedule isn’t easy and maintaining a family is that much harder. For that reason, lots of pro wrestlers decided to hold off on a family till their schedules subsided.

In this article, we take a unique look at wrestlers you wouldn’t expect to be parents. We’ll feature veterans that have done a great job in keeping kayfabe alive, leading us to believe that they had no personal life outside of the ring. We’ll also feature newer WWE stars you likely had no clue just recently started a family. As a matter of fact, we even have a certain SmackDown Live star on this list that welcomed his second child into the world just days ago.

From the always controversial Scott Steiner to 205 Live young Superstar Mustafa Ali - these are 15 wrestlers you wouldn’t believe that are dads. Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s begin!

15 Mustafa Ali

He flies around the ring like a teen or someone in his early 20s, however, Ali’s been around for quite some time. The 31 year old started wrestling on the indie scene way back in the early 2000s. His biggest break came in 2016 getting added to the Cruiserweight Classic. He was signed by the company becoming the first ever wrestler representing Pakistan to ink a WWE deal. Given his talent level, he’s certainly worthy of the accolade.

A little known fact pertains to his life outside of the ring, unless you follow him via social media platforms such as Instagram. Ali’s a proud of two children; a boy and a girl. Residing out of Chicago, Ali’s living the family alongside his wife and two kids.

14 Scott Steiner

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A couple of things pertaining to Steiner’s personal life tend to fly under the radar given his over the top personality when it comes to everything pro wrestling. We tend to forget that the guy has a life outside of the squared circle. Many would be shocked to find out that Steiner’s got zero failed marriages, he tied the knot with his current wife Christa Podsedly way back in 2000 and the couple’s been going strong ever since. Another little known fact is that he’s also got two children, hard to imagine Scott as a papa but in the words of Kurt Angle, oh it’s true, it’s dam true!

Age 55, Steiner’s in-ring days are slowly coming to an end, asides from his brief Impact return matches have been few and far between. Instead, you can catch him running his own Shoney’s restaurant.

13 Sting

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Similar to Scott Steiner, Sting has done his best in keeping kayfabe alive. We’ve rarely heard any mention of his personal life. However, for those that did some digging, you’re likely well aware his previous relationship wasn’t the smoothest. Sting was married to Sue Borden from the mid 80s all the way till 2010. Becoming a Born-Again Christian, Sting admitted to all his faults which included cheating on his wife among other things. The couple stayed together nonetheless and the Stinger had three children, one of which walked in his footsteps and took the college football route like his dad.

Nowadays, the Stinger is nearing his 60s if you can believe at the age of 58. He’s got more than enough money to retire peacefully however, you can still catch him at various conventions - not too surprising that he remains one of the most sought after figures at the events.

12 Apollo Crews

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His current in-ring status with the WWE isn’t the greatest as a lower-tier act, however, he can at least relish in the fact that he’s a proud father outside of the ring. Crews became one of the newest father’s in the WWE as his first child was recently born in late June. Apollo and his partner Linda welcomed Sade Sofiya into the world. At the very least despite his lackluster push, the stability of a WWE contract certainly facilitates the process of raising a child.

Still only 30, Crews definitely has enough time to resurface his gimmick completely, however most fans hope that’ll happen sooner rather than later. He’s done nothing of impact since getting the call up aside from a victory against Sheamus and taking part in a SmackDown Live multi-man main event. His move to Raw completely halted any momentum he had.

11 Curt Hawkins

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Speaking of lackluster runs, we now turn our attention to the 32 year old Curt Hawkins who’s setting a record no aspiring Superstar wants to hold. As of July, Hawkins had lost 100 matches in a row and the streak is only getting worse.

His story was always one of an underdog however. Early on in his developmental run, Hawkins himself admitted his days were numbered due to a lack of personality. Then, what’s viewed as a Hail Mary of sorts for his career, Hawkins pitched an Edgehead character which caught the attention of the WWE brass. He went from basically being on the verge of signing release papers to interfering in the main event of a WWE PPV Armageddon.

Nowadays, once again, despite his poor run, things are at the very least going really well out of the ring as he recently welcomed in a new daughter in 2017 alongside his wife.

10 Corey Graves

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Sometimes you just got to have faith in the universe and Corey Graves is a perfect example of that. He was viewed as a promising future star however sadly, he was forced to hang up the boots due to ongoing concussion issues. Despite his in-ring days being a thing of the past, Hunter wisely decided to add Graves as a member of the NXT commentary team. Before you knew it, Corey was up on the main roster serving as color commentator for Raw. He’s now a staple on both brands, you can catch him Monday and Tuesday nights as well over on SmackDown Live.

You’d figure with such a schedule, the guy was single and living the life of a hermit. Oh how wrong you would be to make such an assumption. Not only is Corey married to his wife Amy Polinsky, but the couple has quite the family with three children. How he’s keeping it all together, we seriously don’t know.

9 Curtis Axel

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On an episode of Table For Three, we got a little more access to Axel’s personal life. In the three-way conversation, the WWE Superstar stated that he’s a proud dad of three children outside of the ring. Father Curt Hennig is smiling up above seeing his three grandchildren grow up.

As for Curtis, his career hasn’t come anywhere near his dad’s, however, you’ve got to admire his longevity with the company, something many in the business can’t say for themselves. He’s managed to recreate his gimmick several times and for that, he remains a main roster wrestler. We tend to forget but the guy’s been in the WWE system since his days with FCW a decade ago back in 2007. The 38 year old has stated that he hopes to stay on board with the company as a trainer once his time in the business as a performer comes to an end.

8 Zach Gowen

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The 34 year old Zach Gowen was a trailblazer in the world of the WWE becoming the first ever one-legged wrestler. Gowen defeated obstacles his entire life not only thriving on one leg but even beating cancer. He had a hell of a run with the WWE and although it was short-lived, seeing what he was able to accomplish was truly remarkable.

Today, Gowen continues to defy the odds. He’s still wrestling nowadays on the indie circuit. Along with pro wrestling, Zach’s happily married and a father of two beautiful children - not to mention, he’s also a certified DDP Yoga instructor which is pretty darn cool. His hilarious Twitter bio is worth a mention, it reads “Survived caner and Brock Lesnar”, truly awesome stuff.

7 Jeff Hardy

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Jeff has always been the lower key of the Hardy brothers. We’re all aware of Matt’s personal life controversies however when it comes to Jeff, he’s kept things on the down low. A little known fact is that Hardy’s been married to his wife Beth Britt since 2011. Following the tragic burning of their old house, the couple would proceed to start a family once their home was rebuilt. The couple has two daughters, Ruby Claire and Nera Quinn.

Now 40, Jeff’s been wrestling for 25 years now! The Hardy brother is showing some signs of slowing down currently on the shelf with an injury. However, you can expect another lengthy run out of Jeff once he returns to thing hopefully sooner rather than later.

6 Dave Batista

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Admitting that he was a sex addict in his book and during tell-all interviews, you’d figure Dave was living the life of a single bachelor. However, that’s not entirely the case as he’s undergone two failed marriages. Batista actually first married at the tender age of 21 back in 1990, the couple had two daughters which is a little know fact about Batista. The relationship wouldn’t last as he divorced his first wife in 1998 only to remarry the same year. Again, his second marriage failed as well as Angie and Dave divorced eight years later. He’s currently married once again tying the knot with professional pole dancer Sarah Jade back in 2015.

As for his life nowadays, he continues to thrive in the world of Hollywood along with being linked to a WWE return in the near future.

5 Chris Jericho

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Let’s take a brief look back at Jericho’s 2017. WWE Superstar, lead singer of band Fozzy, weekly podcast host, podcast network owner, wrestling promoter (The Wrestling Cruise) and oh, New Japan wrestler. With all of these things under his belt you’d figure a family was the last thing he’d be thinking about but oh how wrong you would be.

Jericho’s been married since 2000 to the same woman, Jessica Lockhart. Given his way of life, you’d figure it impossible for Chris to sustain a relationship but not only has he done so but he’s also the proud father of three children, Ash Edward, Sierra Loretta and Cheyenne Lee.

When the 47 year old decides to call it a career, he’ll be remembered as one of the greatest off all-time.

4 Gran Metalik

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The Cruiserweight Classic featured a variety of stellar matches, the bouts featuring Gran Metalik certainly had us on the edge of our seats. Already a veteran of the game from his past over in Mexico and New Japan, Metalik was a bright spot in the tournament. The WWE seemed highly invested into his skills, so much so that he defeated the favorite to take it all in the semis, Zack Sabre Jr. Although he was the favorite to win the entire tournament he just fell short to TJP in the finals.

Likely still getting adjusted to the WWE style, we’ve barely seen Metalik on WWE television. That’s a damn shame given his insane talent level, many would argue you can even book a guy with that kind of talent among the main roster. Nonetheless, we hope to see more of the Mexican in the future.

Like a typical masked Mexican wrestler, his personal life is unknown, however, multiple wrestling news outlets have indicated that he’s a father of two children out of the ring.

3 Paul Heyman

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Similar to Scott Steiner and Sting earlier in the article, Heyman has done such a great job keeping kayfabe alive that some tend to forget that he’s an actual human being with kids outside of the ring. Paul is actually a single parent with two children, one a daughter named Azalea and second, a son named Jacob both born in the early 2000s.

Today, at the age of 52, Heyman has taken a lesser role with the company serving strictly as a manager and mouth piece for Brock Lesnar. His days of working with the creative team are a thing of the past as the company has opted for non-pro wrestling minds. Heyman spends most of his time nowadays running his agency out of New York and has made it clear that he’s happy being on the outside of WWE creative.

2 Harper

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Sorry to break kayfabe here but no, Harper is not residing in the basement of the Wyatt family compound or living in a forest with Rowan. Instead, he’s been happily married since 2008 along with being the proud papa of two children. The 38 year old had his second child just days ago as a matter of fact. Congrats to Harper.

The IWC loves his work ethic and skill level, though the WWE hasn’t really booked him as such. His biggest success has come in the form of a stable or tag team as he’s now receiving a huge push as one half of the Bludgeon Brothers. Nearing his 40s, this gimmick needs to work or it might be the kiss of death for his WWE career. Thankfully, the team’s off to a tremendous start over on SmackDown Live.

1 Brock Lesnar

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We all know about Brock’s relationship with Sable and the fact that the couple has two children. However, a little known fact is that Brock’s also got to kids from a prior relationship. Back when he was with his ex-fiancée, Lesnar had two children, a boy Luke and a daughter Mya Lynn.

Well, pictures recently surfaced of Mya Lynn all grown up and many were baffled at how much she resembles Brock. Not only does she look like him but it’s also said that she’s one heck of an athlete taking part in numerous field sports with her high school team. Heck, who knows, maybe one day she’ll be F-5ing women inside of the squared circle like her dad. We can see it now, Heyman introducing the next big thing, MYA LESNNARRRRR!

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