He’s Still Wrestling?! 15 Pictures You Need To See To Believe! (Part 2)

Whatcha gonna do brother, when you see this 70-year-old coming at you? It’s amazing how strong the will, determination, and passion a wrestler has for his industry. Some performers would wash out in a few years while others can continue to work for decades. Whether you like it or not, the wrestling industry doesn’t have an age limit.

We’ve seen enough fans complain about age but you have to give these guys a small amount of respect for at least getting back in the ring at the age they're currently at. Every wrestler on this list is way past their prime but don’t tell them that. The only qualification they must have to make it on here is to perform in one match this year. We’re just getting into fall and these guys can definitely perform in more matches this year.

TheSportsters’ “He’s Still Wrestling?! 15 Pictures You Need To See To Believe!” focused on a lot of wrestlers from the United States. Although we have American wrestlers on this list, we decided to give you guys some international love as well. We have legends, mid-card performers, and some of the biggest enhancement talent ever known to mankind. Enjoy!

15 Virgil

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Where is Virgil these days? The former bodyguard of WWE’s Ted Dibiase can be seen near his autograph table from sea to shining sea if you comb through the internet. Virgil is no stranger to gossip online and strangely enough, his dedication to making money off his career has actually made him still relevant today. Whether we see Virgil in memes, photo-shopped images or the latest sound bite about how big a section of his anatomy is, people love to talk about him.

Virgil was seen wrestling at RCW’s Summer Breakout Tour Day back-to-back days earlier this summer. He would actually be involved in a losing effort against Heavy Metal for the Canadian Heavyweight Title. Although he lost the match, he did secure a victory in the Six-Man-Tag-Team match the day before.

14 Sabu

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"The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal… Death-Defying Maniac" is still wrestling today. His hardcore and daredevil style has broken Sabu’s body more times than anyone can count but he still keeps coming for more. When you have nicknames like “The Houdini of Hardcore,” “The Crazed Kamikaze,” and “ECW’s Evel Knievel,” you would think your career would be short.

In 2016, Sabu made the headlines because he was in dire need of hip replacement surgery. A lot of wrestlers reached out to him and also got fans involved. Sabu’s surgery would be a success and he’s back in action this year. His first match this year was against D-Lo Brown at XICW Bodyslams Childhood Cancer event. Sabu will probably wrestle until the wheels fall off, living up to all his nicknames.

13 Brooklyn Brawler

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Steve Lombardi will forever be known as the Brooklyn Brawler but that isn’t the only character he played in the WWE. He was known as Kim Chee, the manager of Kamala, and also played Doink the Clown at one point. The New York native has been wrestling since 1983 and the 56-year-old is still working in the ring today.

He would actually make his debut for the WWE and stayed loyal to them until the turn of the century. Although the WWE never booked him seriously, we doubt fans realize how long he stayed with the company. This year, Lombardi has worked for UCW in the spring. In 2016, he worked for Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him return sometime this year.

12 Greg Valentine

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At 65 years old, Valentine is still getting his hands dirty in the ring. He would make his professional debut in 1970 after being trained by none other than the legendary Stu Hart. He would get his first crack in the WWE Universe in 1978 but would only last a year. His highlight was wrestling Bob Backlund, who was the champion at the time, to a one-hour time limit draw at Madison Square Garden. His biggest contributions to the WWE would come in the 1980s as he became an Intercontinental Champion.

You would think he would slow down after the 1990s, but since 1994, Valentine has been heavily involved on the independent circuit. All his hard work would be recognized in 2004 when the WWE inducted him into the Hall of Fame. Valentine has worked several matches this year and even performed with Tito Santana at SWF Fire It Up.

11 Glacier

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Sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know. After making his wrestling debut in 1987, Glacier would bounce around different promotions and landed in Japan. He would work in the county until 1996. When he came back to the United States, he got in touch with his good friend Diamond Dallas Page. DDP would hook him up with Eric Bischoff due to the fact that he knew Glacier and Bischoff shared a passion for mixed martial arts.

After a three hour meeting, Glacier would sign with WCW and eventually become one of the most hyped debuts in WCW history. If you know anything about Glacier, you would know WCW threw tons of money for his entrance and vignettes. It failed big time, and Glacier would be considered one of the biggest busts of the 1990s. Today, Glacier still works in the ring and recently worked for Ring of Honor in August.

10 Negro Casas

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At 57 years old, Negro Casas would make his professional wrestling debut in 1979 after his father missed an event and the promoter asked him to fill in. Interestingly, his father and the promoter actually played a joke on him, and his dad was backstage watching his very first match. The joke paid off well because Negro Casas is one of the most popular and decorated luchadors in the history of wrestling.

The Cruiserweight would bring in a ton of titles, including the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship and NWA World Welterweight Championship. Pro Wrestling Illustrated would rank him No. 33 of the 500 best single wrestlers in 1999. Today, Negro Casas works for the promotion where he accomplished the most, Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre.

9 Blue Panther

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As we mentioned with Negro Casas, we need to give some love to our luchador heroes in the south. Blue Panther is a legend and if you ever have time to check out his work, please do. He would debut in the wrestling industry in 1978. At just 5 foot 6 inches tall, Panther would have to use his speed, mat skills, and charisma to get fans to love him.

He has a laundry list of accolades for several promotions, including the big two in Mexico, AAA and CMLL. At 56 years old, Blue Panther still works a busy schedule today for CMLL. Whether it’s multi-man tag or single matches, the people can’t get enough of him. That’s him biting a foot by the way, can you blame the crafty veteran?

8 Scott Steiner

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“I don't have 30 days and 30 nights, to show you why all the hoochies say there's nothing finer than Scott Steiner, but all I need is one night to have your wife call me for the rest of her life, the big bad booty daddy, so this goes to all my freaks out there, Big Poppa Pump is your hook up, holla' if you hear me,” said Steiner.

In nutshell, Steiner was terrible at promos but said some of the most memorable lines ever in the history of wrestling. More a physical specimen than a technical wrestler in his elder years, Steiner would work one match this year. If you’re a fan of GFW, then you may have seen him perform at Impact Slammiversary XV earlier this year.

7 Bushwhacker Luke

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Although this image isn’t shown Luke in a match, it was right after one for WAW this year. At 70 years old, Bushwhacker Luke is one of the oldest active wrestlers in the world. The loveable New Zealand countryman made up one-half of the Bushwhackers with his buddy Butch Miller. He would make his debut in the industry in 1962 for NWA New Zealand. The duo would come over to North America and work for Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling in the 1970s.

Mostly known as violent heels when they signed with the WWE in 1989, the team would become comedic babyfaces. This year, Luke has been very active and has worked matches for JCW, WAW, and UCW. He even was involved in a title match with Kongo Kong for JCW’s Heavyweight Title. We don’t know how the senior citizen does it, but it most have something to do with the water in New Zealand.

6 Lita

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The title says the word “He” in it but because we’re in a Women’s Revolution, so we had to include one legendary female athlete. After a hiatus from the ring, Lita would get back into action this year at MCW Mat Madness in March. She would be one the winning side of an eight-man tag team match. At 42 years young, it must have felt really good for Lita to jump back into the ring. Who knows, maybe we'll see her enter a WWE ring for one last run with the company?

The charismatic Lita would make her debut in 1999 and would capture the love of the fans right away. It wouldn’t take long for the WWE to sign her and before you knew it, she was a champion. You can catch the Hall of Famer on WWE’s Mae Young Classic tournament.

5 Keiji Muto

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Keiji Muto or known as The Great Muta in the United States made a brief appearance in part one of TheSportsters’, “He’s Still Wrestling! 15 Pictures You Need To See To Believe!”. He would be seen in a photo with Savio Vega but the focus was on Vega and not Muta. We decided to do him some justice and give him a proper introduction in part two.

Muta would make his debut in 1984 and would quickly become a sensation. Not only did he impress his nation of Japan, but Muta is credited with being one of the first Japanese stars to have an international fanbase. In the States, he would work for NWA which eventually turned into WCW. Today, he's the owner and founder of Wrestle-1 and performs part-time for his company.

4 Jerry Lawler

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Bend the knee to the King! The WWE may not talk about it but at the age of 67, Lawler is still wrestling today. The legend made his debut in the wrestling industry in 1970. He would become an icon while working in Memphis, Tennessee. One of the biggest moments of his career that transcended him into pop culture was his feud with the notorious comedian Andy Kaufman in 1982.

As a legend of the southern territories, Lawler would win dozens of titles. He would eventually make his way to the WWE in 1992 and the rest is history. This year, Lawler has performed for several promotions. He would face Robbie E for NEW Wrestling Under The Stars VI and even faced Mike Orlando at PPW Excaliber for the Heavyweight Title.

3 Riki Choshu

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This is a pretty epic image because it doesn’t have just one but several legends of wrestling in it. For now, we'll focus on just one of them and that’s Riki Choshu. You can see the 65 years old to the far left of this image. The Japanese native would be trained by many legends, including Antonio Inoki, Masas Saito, and Karl Gotch. He would make his wrestling debut in 1974 for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

By the time he was in his prime, he would be booked to wrestle with only the best, both in Japan and the United States. His resume speaks for itself and as he's one of the most beloved wrestlers of all-time. After a two year layoff, Choshu would get back in the ring this year for several events.

2 Vader

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It’s Vader TIME! In 2016, Vader made the headlines for multiple reasons. One was because of health problems. The second was because of a dust up with MMA fighter Chael Sonnen and the third was a Twitter war with Will Ospreay. After his health status received positive news, Vader would actually work a match with Ospreay in which he won.

The behemoth wrestler would transition from football to wrestling in 1985. By the 1990s, he was one of the most popular heels in the industry. He’s been involved in countless title matches and top feuds over his career. At the age of 62, Vader went back to Japan this year and performed in several Six-Man Tag matches. Unfortunately, Vader actually passed out in one of his matches against the next member on our list.

1 Tatsumi Fujinami

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Known as “The Dragon,” the younger generation of WWE wrestling fans got an idea of who he is when he became a member of the Hall of Fame in 2015. He also became a character in WWE’s 2K video game series that year. Fujinami would make his debut in professional wrestling in 1971. As a pupil of Karl Gotch and Antonio Inoki, he would become a legend for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Just like his fellow countrymen, Riki Choshu, he would face the best wrestlers around the world, including the legend Ric Flair.

We all think of Hulk Hogan or Flair as the greatest wrestler from the 1980s, however, you can argue for Fujinami as well. With too many accomplishments to list, we highly recommend you take a look his past work. Fujinami has been extremely active for his age, he's 63 years old this year, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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