Hideo Itami Is Officially A Member Of 205 Live

WWE has a renewed interest in the cruiserweight division, and because of that, 205 Live is getting a big NXT star.

WWE has confirmed Hideo Itami is heading to 205 Live. The tradition when calling up NXT stars to the main roster is that when talents are ready and have, in a way, outgrown the NXT brand, they get their shot at a WWE spot on the main roster. This is not necessarily the case for Hideo Itami who was confirmed this week by the WWE as heading to 205 Live and joining the WWE Cruiserweight Division.

While Itami was a highly-touted acquisition for Triple H and the WWE, his time in NXT has not exactly lived up to expectations. Injuries and a lack of crowd response have caused Itami take a back seat in a number of ways on the WWE developmental brand Even as recently as this past month, Itami hasn't really been utilized recently, even missing out on TakeOver: WarGames It's rare that the WWE would call up an NXT talent in that situation.

Where things may be different is that Itami is not being called up to SmackDown Live or Raw, but instead 205 Live and the Cruiserweight Division. In that division, he'll be one of the more recognized names despite his win/loss record.


The question now becomes more about whether or not Itami can handle the travel and stay relatively injury free. Plagued by injuries so far, if Itami can't stay healthy enough to wrestle on a regular basis, there's no way the WWE Universe will accept him or his promotion to the Cruiserweight Division.


His timing might also be bad for other reasons. It was recently announced that the WWE might be working in partnership with Facebook Live to produce a new show that would air immediately following SmackDown Live. That spot is currently held by 205 Live and if the Facebook relationship came to be, 205 Live would no longer be live and it could mean a decline in pushing the Cruiserweights in general.


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Hideo Itami Is Officially A Member Of 205 Live