Hideo Itami Responds To CM Punk's 'GTS' Comment On Twitter

@MattJackson13 that was my formula. Sans the kicks. I'd never steal someone's finish.

— Coach (@CMPunk) April 22, 2015

He is a real comedian. #GTS https://t.co/0I7qHSWVaZ

— Hideo Itami / 伊丹英雄 (@HideoItami) April 22, 2015

Hideo Itami and CM Punk, had a pretty interesting exchange on Twitter. CM Punk had responded to Young Buck Jackson, who said that some requirements for success in the wrestling business which include being selfish and pissing some people off.

Punk then responded that he agreed with that assessment, but that he would absolutely never steal someone's finisher. Err....

Obviously this was a tongue in cheek comment as Punk did in fact use KENTA's (now Hideo Itami's) finisher, which he named the GTS. Itami seemed to take the joke by Punk in stride though.

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