Hideo Itami's Follow Up Tweet Squashes Departure Rumors

Hideo Itami has followed up his cryptic It's Over" Tweet with another that now makes it seem like he is going nowhere.

Hideo Itami had a frustrating few years in WWE. The Japanese star arrived in WWE with so much promise and unfortunately, injuries have derailed his ascension up the card. Other Japanese stars such as Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka didn't join WWE until well after Itami yet have since surpassed his accomplishments in the company.

The latest move for Itami came when he was moved to 205 Live to wrestle as a cruiserweight. WWE hasn't really done much with him since that move and this past Tuesday night he lost a first-round match in the tournament to crown a new Cruiserweight Champion to Roderick Strong. After the match, Itami posted "It's Over" on Twitter which sparked rumors that he is on his way out of the company.


A little more than 12 hours after that initial tweet though, the former NXT star returned to Twitter and silenced those rumors. The follow-up tweet simply reads "But Not Done Yet." Four ominous words that we assume signify that he won't be leaving WWE quite yet. What's unclear is whether the plan was always to send out both tweets or if he was initially frustrated and had calmed down after sleeping on the decision.

If Itami was on the verge of leaving the company, then the man who convinced him to stay might be Triple H. News broke this week that The Game has now been given full control of 205 Live, so what happens with Itami from here on out will be up to him. Triple H is the man who brought in the Japanese Superstar in the first place so perhaps now he can start putting together the original vision he had for him, or at least a version of it.


It's plain to see from the last couple of episodes that 205 Live is changing and as of right now at least it seems to be changing for the better. If Itami walked out after his match with Strong on Tuesday night, then a couple of months from now he may have been left kicking himself. Hopefully, he and the cruiserweight division will rise up the ranks together now that Triple H is in charge of both of them.

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