Hideo Itami Makes Epic Debut Outside The Cruiserweight Division

Hideo Itami has been with WWE for a lot longer than you probably realize. The Japanese star actually signed for the company three and a half years ago. In that time however Itami has suffered a couple of pretty major injuries and hence his WWE career has failed to really get off the ground. While in NXT he had a couple of high profile rivalries but nothing much really.

WWE is looking to change that though. A few weeks ago it was revealed that Itami was on his way to 205 Live in order to compete in the cruiserweight division. Austin Aries took a similar route to the one Itami is about to take after he injured his eye socket at the hands of Shinsuke Nakamura. Let's hope he sticks around a little longer than A-Double did though.


Tuesday night on 205 Live was supposed to be the re-debut on the main roster of Itami, however on Raw we were given an early preview of what the cruiserweights can expect from their newest colleague. While Finn Balor was getting beaten down by Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, Itami's music hit and the now former NXT Superstar sprinted to the ring to help a man he spent a lot of time competing with in Japan.

The helping hand lent by Itami then became an impromptu match as he and Balor teamed up to take on the first ever Universal Champion's attackers. Considering Balor and Itami spent much of their respective careers honing their craft in Japan, as you can imagine the match was pretty hard-hitting. The match came to an end when Itami connected with a move many fans will likely recognize, the GTS. A move he has been using for years but one made famous in the United States by CM Punk.

The unannounced run-in of Itami on Raw is a curious one by WWE. It's likely another ploy to try and get fans to watch 205 Live tomorrow night. Fans who don't watch NXT might not know who Itami is, so they weren't planning on tuning in tomorrow night. Now they've had a preview of what he can do, and maybe more people will be watching the Network after SmackDown Live on Tuesday night in order to see what Itami has planned for the cruiserweight division.


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Hideo Itami Makes Epic Debut Outside The Cruiserweight Division