Check Out Highlights Of Impact's Banned-From-TV Barbed Wire Match

Impact recently staged a match that was so violent that it couldn't be aired on television, but we have some GIFs of the bout for you.

Professional wrestling might be pre-determined, but don't let anyone tell you that the business is fake. What wrestlers around the world do on a nightly basis is incredibly dangerous. Even simple moves can go wrong. When you add elements like ladders, tables, fire, and who knows what else, to the mix then that element of risk is massively elevated.

It feels like we have seen just about everything that can be used by one wrestler to harm another. The Undertaker and Kane have battled inside a ring surrounded by fire, the former once encased the late Paul Bearer in concrete, and even kitchen sinks have been used as offensive weapons inside the squared circle.


You would think with a list like that plus so, so much more we would have seen it all in wrestling. Well apparently, there are still things that happen in the ring that are deemed too violent for TV. oVe and LAX went head to head in a Barbed Wire Massacre match which wound up being aired on Twitch because Pop TV deemed it too gruesome to air on their network. Check out some of the GIFs in this article and you'll understand why.

Things really started to become hard to watch when Homicide used the barbed wire, being used in lieu of ropes for the match, to try and tear off Jake Crist's ear. That really was just the tip of the iceberg. Later in the match, Crist would basically get wrapped up in the wire and have to wrestle the rest of the match that way. The match also contained a Tombstone Piledriver on to a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire, a handful of skewers getting stuck into Dave Crist's head, and finally came to an end when Crist was suplexed from the top of a ladder through two tables.


If you have been watching wrestling for as long as we have, then it likely takes something pretty insane to shock you. Well, this match just might do it. What's even more amazing than the match itself is they somehow managed to show the whole thing without revealing any blood. Whether that makes the already incredibly brutal match better or worse is up for debate.


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