Ignorance Is Bliss: 15 Hilarious Photos Of Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is the current Raw Women's Champion, which means that she won't be able to make history along with the other women on the Raw roster on Sunday night as part of the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match. She is already quickly becoming the fans' favourite women's competitor, so it isn't like she needs a rumble win just yet, but it must be a little disappointing for her.

Of course, Alexa has already made history a number of times in WWE. She was part of the first-ever women's main event on SmackDown Live as well as becoming the first ever two-time SmackDown Women's Champion. She later made her way across to Monday Night  Raw and became the first woman to win the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championships last year.

It's been an interesting two years for the former cheerleader and even though she has been pushed to the top of the roster ever since she was promoted from NXT back in 2016, she is still someone that has a number of secrets she would prefer to hide and a number of images online that she wished she could erase.

The following list looks at just 15 images that Alexa wishes the WWE Universe didn't have to see of her. Either from her time in WWE or from before she found her way into the wrestling spotlight.

15 Alexa The Fairy

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Every WWE superstar has an embarrassing gimmick that they would prefer not to have to relive, Alexa's was when she first came to NXT and the company had no idea what to do with her. She became a fairy as a face character and it seemed that while Alexa looked as though she was having a lot of fun in the role, it definitely wasn't one that suited her at all.

Now she is seen as one of the best heels in the company, which could be why there have been no links back to this character over the past few years. Alexa will go on pretending that she has never been seen as a face in the company until she retires because let's be honest, she's much better as a heel.

14 Alexa's Mickey Mouse Obsession

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It's quite well-known that Alexa Bliss has visited Disney Channel every year since she was a child. Her parents weren't the richest but they decided that she deserved a holiday to see her favourite stars at least once every year.

Alexa still continues to visit Disneyland on a regular basis but she is now able to take her fiance Buddy Murphy as well as her parents. Alexa has always been obsessed with Disneyland and it's one thing that helped Alexa through one of the toughest time of her life when she was struggling with an eating disorder. Even though Alexa is grown up now, there was a time when she was so obsessed with Mickey Mouse that she actually dressed up as him and posed for a photo. She doesn't look much like the current Raw Women's Champion in the above photo.

13 Southern Bliss

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Remember how Alexa had a character as a fairy once that she would prefer not to remember? Well, this isn't the only gimmick that the blonde beauty has been trying to forget over the past few years.

When superstars first come to WWE they are put through a number of role-playing promo and acting classes so that they can work on developing a character. One of Alexa's earliest gimmick's was as a valet for Scott Dawson of Revival fame. She was playing the role of a Southern girl to fit in with his character and even managed to fake the accent. Luckily this was never a gimmick that was used on NXT TV, this was just an idea that WWE thought about and never decided to follow through on.

12 Strike A Pose

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Alexa was known to be a cheerleader before she came to WWE and even though she has excelled in the ring over the past few years, there are still a number of other wrestlers that don't believe that she belongs.

It is thought that one of the main reasons behind her feud with Sasha Banks was because Banks didn't think that Alexa deserved to be in the position she was in because she hadn't put the work in on the Independent Circuit. While this isn't something that Alexa can change at this point in her career, it is something that she can distance herself from and hide a number of the images that link her to the life she had before she was in WWE, much like the one above.

11 Alexa The Diva

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Alexa Bliss has been one of the most outspoken women in WWE when it comes to the fact that she doesn't want to be labelled as just another WWE Diva. The company itself wiped out the term Diva a few years ago and since the women have been able to step up to much bigger challenges and have been given much better opportunities in WWE.

Even though Alexa is as far away from a Diva as every other woman on the Raw roster, there are still a number of images of her online that argue otherwise. This photoshoot from a few years ago proves that Alexa was once seen as just eye candy as well and Alexa doesn't seem as though she is very blissed off about it.

10 Young Alexa

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Alexa is without question one of the most attractive female wrestlers in the company and the current Champion is rarely ever photographed in a bad light. Of course, Alexa hasn't always looked as beautiful as she is today, there was a time when she was forced to go through the awkward teenage years in a time where strange haircuts and braces were the rage.

The above image shows Alexa looking much different to the superstar that she portrays on WWE TV currently. She isn't wearing any makeup, her trademark hair is cut short and she is wearing braces. This is one of those embarrassing images that Alexa's parents have kept hold of all these years so they can remember their daughter as a teenager, but Alexa herself secretly wants to destroy it.

9 Kendo Stick On A Pole Match

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One of the worst matches of Alexa's career took place back in 2017 when she took on Bayley in the first ever Women's Kendo Stick on a Pole match. The build-up to this match could have been so much better as the duo tried to recreate the famous "This is Your Life" segment that Mick Foley and The Rock presented a few years earlier.

Even though Alexa came out on top and retained her Women's Championship, this was one of the worst matches of the year and essentially pushed Bayley back to the bottom of the Women's Division. Alexa didn't get off any lighter though since her entire reign as Champion has been seen as somewhat underwhelming compared to the Champions that the fans have seen previously.

8 Unnamed Ring Announcer

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Alexa Bliss is a name now that is iconic with WWE, as a former SmackDown Women's Champion and current Raw Women's Champion, her name has already gone down in the history books, but before she was seen as a star in the WWE spotlight, Alexa was just an unnamed ring announcer on an episode of NXT.

It's hard to remember a time when Alexa was just seen as an unnamed and uncredited part of the show, and since she is now one of the biggest stars in the company and one of the highest merchandise sellers, even Alexa herself will be trying to forget that there was a time when the WWE Universe didn't know her name and she was relegated to being a ring announcer.

7 Worst Segment Of The Year

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As part of Alexa's feud with Bayley last year the company decided that they would recreate the iconic "This Is Your Life" segment from Monday Night Raw a few years ago that was one of the highest rated segments in the show's history. While the women managed to recreate the same segment, it wasn't given the same kind of praise.

Alexa and Bayley's segment that was streamed ahead of Extreme Rules last year, was voted as one of the worst segments in WWE history and was promptly removed from any reruns of the show that were streamed on TV or online. Alexa didn't manage to recreate the same magic as Mick Foley and given that her promo ability is supposed to be her strongest attribute, this will be something she would rather forget.

6 Tough Times

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Alexa Bliss has never hidden the fact that she struggled from an eating disorder when she was much younger, one that she managed to hide from her family and friends for a number of years before she was hospitalized and only given hours to live.

At the time Alexa was unaware of what she was doing to herself and now speaks out about eating disorders and shows that there is a way to fight back and reclaim your life afterwards. Even though Alexa has publicly revealed all of the information about this struggle, it is probably hard for her to see a number of the images connected to that time in her life, which is why ones like the above should be destroyed so that she no longer has to see them.

5 Iconic Hair

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One of the most iconic things about Alexa Bliss is her hair. Over the past few years, Alexa has been seen dying her hair different colours in a similar way that Harley Quinn dyes hers. This has led many of Alexa's fans to make the connection between Alexa and Harley Quinn and has been one of the creative ideas between much of her merchandise.

Alexa's current pink hair isn't something that she has always done, even when she was a fairy character down in NXT she dyed her hair blue, but when she first came to NXT, Alexa's hair was like the above photo. She wouldn't have been able to pull off the same gimmick if she had kept her hair the same style.

4 Alexa Vs Sasha

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Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks have been rumoured to have been feuding behind the scenes for a number of years, ever since Alexa's time in NXT. Sasha was less than impressed with Little Miss Bliss when the duo first faced off and it led to Sasha causing Alexa's nose to bleed in the middle of their match.

Alexa and Sasha haven't seen eye to eye ever since and there are a lot of rumours about the two women currently flying around. Sasha has a dislike for a number of women backstage, but even if she does, Alexa is the Champion now so she definitely won't be wanting to remember a time when she allowed Sasha to get the better of her in the ring.

3 Losing Her Championship

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Alexa may have walked into last year's WrestleMania as the Champion, but she wasn't able to walk out the same way. This was because she defended her Championship against a number of other women on the grandest stage of them all and was forced to tap out by hometown hero Naomi.

Alexa then went on to lose to Naomi a few days later on SmackDown Live as well, since the former Champion had a number of bad run-ins with the Glowing star before she was moved over to Monday Night Raw. While Alexa has some incredible memories from her time on SmackDown Live, these are the kinds of things that she doesn't want to remember about her time on the main roster.

2 NXT Rumours

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Alexa Bliss is someone who spent a number of years in NXT and even though she was in a relationship with Buddy Murphy throughout her career, there were still a number of rumours surrounding her and the reasons why she became such a huge star in a short space of time.

Alexa obviously made quite an enemy while she was performing for the company since an unnamed superstar came forward to state that Alexa was only pushed because she had been seen sleeping with a number of stars to get ahead. These rumours have never been confirmed but they have followed her throughout her career. It means that no matter what Alexa achieves, she will always be seen as someone who used underhanded tactics to get ahead.

1 Alexa's Forgotten Youth

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Alexa is seen as one of the faces of the company as the current Raw Women's Champion and could walk into WrestleMania as the Champion for the second time in April, but even she has a checkered past. While Alexa's battles in her youth have been well documented over the past few years, Alexa missed out the part where she was once photographed smoking.

Alexa is a role model and someone that the younger generation of WWE stars looks up to so a picture like this showing quite a young Alexa who is still wearing braces and smoking at what seems to be a party doesn't exactly paint the current Champion in a great light, or one that WWE would want her to be seen in.

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