10 Hilarious Backstage Photos Of Vince McMahon (And 10 Of Triple H)

Vince McMahon and Triple H may be two of the WWE's top ranking executives with more responsibilities (and stress) than we could possibly imagine, but that certainly doesn't mean 'Vinnie Mac' and 'The Game' don't have a keen sense of humour behind the scenes. In fact, Vince and Hunter are quite often two hilarious 'men of power' backstage in WWE, and they are both known to joke around and have fun amongst themselves and the entire WWE locker room.Vince and Triple H may seem like serious business executives off camera during meetings, press conferences et cetera, but in all honesty, their personalities away from the bright lights and media are fairly fun and jovial in nature. Now we all know Vince and Hunter have pretty big egos, so some of the photos included on this list are undoubtedly pics Vince nor Hunter would want any of you to see.

The word 'embarrassing' certainly comes to mind. Regardless, it's always cool to see how WWE Superstars really are behind the curtains when they're not in character, and backstage photos are some of the only ways fans get a glimpse at what many talent are actually like in real-life. For instance, Stephanie McMahon portrays that god awful (and easily despised) authority figure on television, yet behind the scenes, Stephanie is an absolute sweetheart. Now I doubt Vince or Triple H would ever be described as being 'sweethearts' seeing they both have their flaws and outbursts, but the following rare backstage photos will give you a solid idea of how Vinnie Mac and The Game behave away from the cameras. Today, we're going to be looking at 10 hilarious (and rare) backstage photos of Vince McMahon, and 10 of Triple H.

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20 Darren Young Combing Vince's Hair

via reddit.com

Unfortunately for Darren Young, having a good working relationship with Vince McMahon wasn't quite enough to save his job in WWE. With that said, this hilarious backstage Vince McMahon photo showcases The Bossman getting his hair combed by Young's infamous comb. This picture was clearly taken during Darren's run alongside Titus O'Neil as The Prime Time Players. While Titus and Darren did achieve some success as a duo, I think it's safe to assume they were fairly under-utilized seeing they were insanely popular for a period of time.

Luckily for Titus, he's managed to stay employed by WWE despite having his fair share of lows, and this photo highlights the fact Vince had a decent rapport with O'Neil prior to the whole 'touch of doom' scandal during Daniel Bryan's retirement segment. Although many fans argued that Titus's relatively long suspension was totally uncalled for, it can be guaranteed that Titus is back in Vince's good books following his Greatest Royal Rumble botch in Saudi Arabia which was said to have made McMahon laugh hysterically backstage. Perhaps Titus O'Neil will never capture the WWE or Universal Championship, but it's highly likely fans will remember O'Neil for his infamous botches more than they will for actual former World Champions.

19 Triple H Sneakily Takes Photo Of Ronda Rousey

via twitter.com

Unquestionably one of the funniest backstage photos of Triple H on this list is the one showcased above highlighting Hunter seemingly taking a sneak snapshot of WWE's latest signing, Ronda Rousey. As we've said before, while Triple H can truly be a serious business executive, he definitely still has a very keen sense of humour, and this photograph undoubtedly confirms it. This hilarious pic made its rounds on Twitter, and fans couldn't have been any more confused as to why Triple H was sneakily taking a photo of Rousey. However, the question of many fans would eventually get answered, as Triple H pointed out on his Twitter that he wasn't actually taking a picture of Rousey.

Instead, Hunter was hilariously taking an up close and personal picture of the man's bald head (the guy with his phone in the air).

In Triple H's words, he was 'working on a side project for the hair club for men'. Triple H may rock a suit and tie now a days, but he's still very much the man of old, and his tactics still somewhat resemble the rebel from D-Generation X. Speaking on Ronda Rousey, Ronda's definitely exceeded most fans original expectations since joining WWE's Women's Division, and she's also apparently warmed the hearts of her co-workers backstage with her humble attitude despite being a big star.

18 Vince's Hilarious Selfie

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The last person I could ever imagine taking a selfie would undoubtedly be Vincent Kennedy McMahon. However, Vince just had to prove me wrong, and this hilarious backstage photo showcases 'The Genetic Jackhammer' taking a selfie with what looks to be a vintage Blackberry phone. Vince may be an older guy, but he certainly still takes great care of his body, and this selfie was definitely taken to show off McMahon's big (and bulging) chest. When Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had been asked about training a while back by TMZ, a reporter questioned whether or not they train with Vince, and the response was a firm and resounding 'no'.

Triple H proceeded to inform the reporter that McMahon's way too intense for his (or Stephanie's) liking, and this was definitely fairly shocking to hear considering Triple H is about as shredded as a wrestler can be in WWE. Vince McMahon not only overworks himself in the office and on the road for every WWE show, but also in the gym as well during hours when most of us are fast asleep in bed. It probably wouldn't be such a bad idea if Vince taught the locker room a few things when it comes to training, as Vince is literally still in better shape than ninety percent of the current roster.

17 Triple H And Ozzy Osbourne Backstage

via wwe.com

Finishing up this list of an absolutely hilarious backstage photo of Triple H, we proudly bring to you a picture showcasing Hunter up close and personal with the legendary Ozzy Osbourne. Considering Triple H's theme song is heavy metal, it's not hard to understand why he'd be a fan of the likes of Osbourne, and rumors suggest they're actually great friends in real-life. Speaking of theme songs, it's certainly too bad the WWE let go the legendary theme song composer Jim Johnston, as he was the man responsible for many of the most iconic WWE themes including The Undertaker's, The Rock's, Stone Cold's, and even Mr. McMahon's for that matter.

The WWE's current theme composers CFO$ are decent, but they're nowhere near the caliber of Johnson by any stretch. Anyways, for those of you unaware, Ozzy Osbourne's a WWE fan through and through, and he's appeared on WWE television numerous times over the years alongside his wife Sharon. With that said, I'm sure the Osbourne's were much bigger wrestling fans during the controversial and edgy Attitude Era compared to the PG Era of today, as it definitely seemed like it would've been right up their alley. Regardless, Ozzy's still very much an active WWE fan, and don't be too surprised if he and his wife are included in a WWE segment in the not-so-distant future.

16 Vince's Infamous Bald Head

via ibtimes.co.uk

I doubt any WWE fan will forget the glorious moment Vince McMahon was shaved bald at the hands of The Donald and Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 23. While there was a significant amount of doubt heading into this match, I'd argue it was far more entertaining than most fans ever expected it to be, and it definitely led to a moment that went viral across the globe. Vince's chosen monster Umaga simply couldn't get the job done, and Lashley proceeded to capture the victory to secure the removal of McMahon's hair.

You could tell that The Donald thoroughly enjoyed the moment, and we've got to give credit to Vince for continuously embarrassing himself on live television for the betterment (or worsening) of his shows. This photo showcases Vince shortly following his abrupt haircut at the hands of Lashley and Trump, and while he certainly looks like a bit of an 'egghead', McMahon seemed to have still been in high spirits. However, the bald Stone Cold look wouldn't last for very long, as Vinnie Mac began growing his hair back fairly quickly. Luckily for Vince, he's still able to grow his hair out, and he currently has an impressive full head of hair at 72 years of age.

15 Triple H Posing Alongside Himself

via whatculture.com

Unfortunately, this hilarious backstage photograph of 'The Game' Triple H is indeed the work of a fantastic Photoshop editor. I think it's fairly common knowledge at this point that Hunter has quite a large ego, and there's nothing that could possibly describe this fact more so than Triple H posing alongside himself backstage as the WWE World Champion in 2016. While the original intention was for Hunter to get Roman Reigns over at the upcoming WrestleMania pay-per-view, to many fans, it definitely still felt like Triple H had a need to steal the spotlight from the new stars who were fully capable of carrying the shows.

However, Triple H ended up putting his ego aside heading into 'Mania 32, as he put over Vince's number one 'golden boy' Roman Reigns convincingly in the main event for the championship. That said, despite the fact Reigns seemed to have had a 'coronation' of becoming the new face of WWE at WrestleMania 32, here we are a number of years later, and we're no further ahead with Reigns than before - if anything, we've since regressed. Unlike Vince, it's clear Triple H has other talent he feels could fill the role of the 'face of the company' more so than Roman, but as we all know, McMahon still makes the final call.

14 Vince Resting In The Undertaker's Coffin

via sportskeeda.com

Vince McMahon and The Undertaker have always been very close behind the scenes, and this rare (yet hilarious) backstage photo of Vince showcases McMahon resting in The Deadman's infamous coffin with a smiling Paul Bearer by his side. Speaking of the late Paul Bearer, he undoubtedly played an instrumental role in The Undertaker's success in WWE, and he was absolutely convincing in his role as the slightly insane 'caretaker' of both 'Taker and Kane. These types of rare photos give fans a glimpse at what the stars were/are really like in real-life.

In Paul Bearer's case, he seems like he was a genuinely nice guy away from the cameras.

It's clear Vince has always had a soft spot for The Undertaker, and this bond only grew stronger when 'Taker stayed the course with WWE during the hardship years of The Monday Night Wars against WCW. It cannot be argued that Undertaker helped keep things afloat for WWE when they were at their lowest during the great battle for ratings supremacy against World Championship Wrestling. While some fans blame Vince for continuing to allow Undertaker to perform at WrestleMania each year despite the fact he's clearly well past his prime, look at it from McMahon's angle - The Undertaker is one of Vince's last true 'buddies', and a guy who helped pave the way for WWE to become the true global entity it is today.

13 Triple H Attempting Undertaker's Eye Roll?

via nurdpedia.wikia.com

Speaking of The Undertaker, this absolutely hysterical backstage picture of Triple H showcases 'The Game' attempting The Deadman's signature eye roll - pretty successfully too if you ask me! Who knows exactly why Triple H was making such a hilarious facial expression during this documentary, but one potential reason behind the face could be the fact Vince was just telling Hunter Roman Reigns is finally getting over as a babyface. If that was the case, I think we all need to give Vinnie Mac the signature eye roll. On another note, It's very interesting to watch Triple H's progression within WWE, as he couldn't have started from a more humble beginning in all honesty.

Starting out his career in Vince's company as the easily despised (and rather cliche) Hunter Hearst Helmsley, I doubt many (if any) fans ever imagined Helmsley would eventually go on to capture the most prestigious title in Sports Entertainment fourteen times throughout his career. However, that's just the nature of the business, and Triple H definitely paved the way for his own career trajectory in WWE. While marrying the bosses daughter certainly doesn't hurt, Triple H's insatiable appetite for success truly was the deciding factor in Hunter's fate, and he's undoubtedly enjoying the fruits of his labor.

12 Vince Making Fun Of Good 'Ole JR

via youtube.com

Whether you love or hate Jim Ross, how could you possibly deny the fact that he's by far one of, if not the greatest professional wrestling commentator of all time - a prime example of what WWE's current commentator's should strive to emulate. However, if there's one thing for certain about 'Good Ol' JR', it's the fact that he has a distinct way of talking, or as some fans would say, talking without even moving his own lips. Now we all know talking without moving ones mouth is quite a talent, and there's actually a profession for it - a ventriloquist.

That said, while some fans may see the good in JR's special way of communicating, it's also become a scapegoat for making fun of the legendary commentator. Even his own former boss Vince McMahon has made fun of JR in the past. This hilarious backstage photo showcases Vince impersonating Jim Ross, and without even barely trying, the similarity is still uncanny. On a serious note, It's truly unfortunate we don't get to hear Jim's play-by-play commentary in WWE every week, as he was undoubtedly one of the main reasons I loved the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras. Could you imagine anyone else hyping up the likes of Stone Cold or Kane any better?  I sincerely can't.

11 Rare Photo Of Triple H Portraying A Vampire

via wwe.com

Here we have a hilarious backstage picture of Triple H attempting his best impersonation of the former WWE star, Gangrel - at least that's what we assume Hunter's doing! In actual fact he was playing a vampire in the film Blade 3 Regardless, still a truly funny photo, and one that showcases The Game fully out of character. On a side note, imagine if Triple H had been saddled down with the gimmick of Gangrel. Do you believe he would've become the star he is today and a multi-time WWE Champion? Make sure to leave your thoughts  and opinions down below in the comments section. Personally, Triple H most likely would've peaked as a midcarder in WWE had he been given the Gangrel character, and he would've undoubtedly been released by now.

That simple fact supports the notion that any wrestler could be a headlining talent just as easily as they could be a bottom of the barrel star based on their gimmick and character alone. Despite the fact Triple H was always been a shredded wrestler and an above average worker in the ring, with the wrong gimmick, his success would've unquestionably been limited to say the least. If Gangrel had been given Triple H's gimmick, who knows how far he could've risen in WWE - most likely to a World Championship of some sort.

10 Vince Getting Mad At Himself For Sneezing

via dorkly.com

For those of you unaware, if there's one thing Vincent Kennedy McMahon despises with an absolute passion, it would undoubtedly be sneezing. Whether it's a WWE star sneezing in Vince's presence or McMahon sneezing himself, for whatever reason, Vinnie Mac seems to lose his cool. The hilarious backstage photo above showcases Vince post-sneeze, and reading the little paragraph about him, it's clear McMahon angrily mutters to himself and loses focus from whatever he's doing for a couple of minutes following the 'deadly sin' of sneezing. Without a doubt, Vince is quite a 'complex creature' so to speak, and he has an incredibly long list of pet peeves he simply will not let slide under any circumstances.

As we've mentioned before in previous articles related to 'rules Vince enforces for his employees', sneezing in Vince's presence is an unwritten 'no no', and it's highly likely those who break the rule are punished accordingly. As some fans might say, Vince McMahon is definitely a bit of a workaholic, and I guess in his mind, sneezing may potentially lead to sickness, which will potentially lead to absence from work which is something Vince cannot do, seeing he loves total control of the day-to-day operations of WWE.

9 Triple H Singing His Heart Out On Jimmy Fallon

via icetruck.tv

The days of WWE Superstars staying in character away from the cameras are long over now, and while some fans complain about that being the case, you wouldn't get hilarious photos like the one shown above featuring Triple H singing his heart out on Jimmy Fallon if wrestlers were always keeping kayfabe off-screen. It cannot be denied Triple H (and Stephanie McMahon for that matter) wowed the audience of The Tonight Show during his lip syncing performance to Moana's song titled 'How Far I'll Go'. It's clear WWE are attempting to reach the mass audiences with their PG friendly content and various brand partnerships, and though many fans are firmly against it, profit wise, the WWE has plenty to gain from their new direction.

As well, WWE stars such as John Cena are continuously making their way into Hollywood, and this definitely brings attention to Vince's empire. Perhaps we won't be seeing the 'attitude' from past WWE eras moving forward, but looking at it from the business side of things, it's a profitable decision regardless. Without a doubt, Triple H's ego has toned down significantly over the past decade, and he seems to be far more open to putting other talent over versus having 'reigns of terror' with the top championships.

8 Vince And R-Truth Share A Joke

via sportskeeda.com

While R-Truth has never been one of Vince's true 'golden boys', the fact remains Truth is very much good friends with Vince backstage in WWE, and they have been known to joke around amongst each other and the rest of the locker room. With that being the case, it's easy to understand why R-Truth, a man who hasn't been featured in quite some time, is still employed by WWE. As most of you are surely aware, having a great working relationship with Vince is critical to succeeding in WWE, and this is something many talent lack backstage as they're typically intimidated by Vinnie Mac. This particular hilarious photo of Vince McMahon showcases 'The Higher Power' laughing hysterically alongside R-Truth, and rumours suggest Truth had just told McMahon a 'joke for the ages'.

Fairly recently, former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal went on record to state that he was afraid of approaching Vince during his first run (he avoided McMahon at all costs), but this time around, Mahal's faced his fears and has since created a good working rapport with Vince - perhaps one of the reasons behind Jinder's meteoric rise in WWE over the past year. It wouldn't be all too surprising if Vince intentionally acts intimidating as a way to weed out the WWE stars not fit for the bright lights, and those who have the 'balls' to approach Vince behind the scenes are placed in his good books.

7 Triple H Acting Slightly Stunned After Survivor Series 2017

via youtube.com

While Triple H seems to have no problem embarrassing himself for the betterment of the shows much like Vince, this particular embarrassing moment was not planned or called for. Following last year's Survivor Series traditional men's 5-on-5 elimination match, Triple H ended up making a big (yet hilarious) botch prior to entering the backstage area. Unfortunately for Hunter, despite the fact the pay-per-view was off-air, some fans ended up recording the whole incident which went viral on social media within short order.

As most of you can probably remember, Triple H was just on the receiving end of two devastating running power slams at the hands of Braun Strowman.

This undoubtedly caused The Game to get a little dizzy and out of sorts. Though not intentional, Triple H truly sold well for Braun once the pay-per-view went off-air, as he proceeded to run right into the stage (entrance set) with Stephanie McMahon onlooking. I guess that's what can be expected following an all-out assault at the hands of The Monster Among Men, and this undoubtedly hurt Triple H's ego a bit as he quickly rushed backstage without looking back. I'm sure Triple H was hoping no one managed to record the blooper, but he was proved wrong as the clip went super viral on Twitter.

6 The Donald Attacks Mr McMahon

via crypticimages.com

The Donald and Vince McMahon certainly share a few similarities apart from being two business moguls (and multi billionaires), and it's no wonder why they still have a good working relationship to this day. For those of you unaware, Vince's real-life wife Linda McMahon is currently serving as the Administrator of the Small Business Administration, and she was carefully selected by Trump for the job. Despite not appearing on WWE television in quite some time, Donald still keeps in touch with Vinnie Mac, and they've been photographed together during Vince's most recent trip to the White House.

Now focusing in on this hilarious backstage photo of Vince, Donald is highlighted seemingly coming to the aid of McMahon who looks to have tripped over something (or someone). Judging by Donald's funny facial expression, it's clear this wasn't in the original plan. While some fans may argue that Vince McMahon's completely out of touch when it comes to the storylines he puts out as well as they overall booking of many aspects related to WWE, Vince is still a very savvy businessman. These types of media stunts with big time celebrities such as Donald definitely draw in the casual fans and general audiences who wouldn't usually be interested in 'wrasslin'.

5 Triple H Kissing Steve Austin's Head

via sportskeeda.com

Triple H definitely has his fair share of 'frenemies' in WWE, current and former, but 'The Rattlesnake' Stone Cold Steve Austin certainly isn't one of them. This hilarious backstage picture shows Hunter giving Austin a big ole smooch during what looks to be WrestleMania Axxess. However, while this photograph is all fun and games, there is a big reminder that's sure to send a shiver up some fans spine. Pictured right in front of Triple H is the gorgeous World Heavyweight Championship, but for many, it signifies one of Hunter's 'reigns of terror' as World Champ.

Now most of us have come to respect The Game for his changed ways and for reinvigorating NXT, but the past is still the past, and it's one some are happy to forget. Back in the good old days, Triple H had about as big of an ego as any man could possibly have, and he was responsible for many wrestlers' downfalls in WWE including Scott Steiner, Rob Van Dam, Booker T among many others. Aside from burying multiple stars, Triple H also had many lengthy reigns as the World Champion which basically boded well for Hunter to bury most challengers. Triple H may have been a heck of a performer in his own right, but overrated? Slightly..

4 Momma Benjamin And Vince GIF

via twitter.com

I doubt I (or my mom for that matter) will ever forget Shelton Benjamin's big (and extremely entertaining) momma. This whole storyline took place in 2006, and it was the first time I had managed to get my mom to watch a bit of wrestling - she was instantly hooked with Shelton's momma. Regardless, all these years later and my mom still remembers big momma more than many former WWE stars who've captured championship gold. With that said, focusing in on this absolutely hilarious backstage GIF of Vince and Shelton's mother, things were certainly getting steamy between the two - more so for Benjamin's momma than Vince, clearly...

However, Vince is the man in charge of all storylines being given the green light or not, and he definitely felt like this was a very entertaining angle (which it was). Perhaps it wasn't quite as thrilling for Vince as it would be alongside the likes of Trish Status, Stacy Keibler or Torrie Wilson, but this was a typical mid 2000s Vince McMahon segment none the less. While big momma only had a year long run with the WWE, her presence was definitely felt by most fans, and she even managed to help her kayfabe son win the prestigious Intercontinental Championship.

3 Triple H Befriends A Parrot

via wwe.com

Now this is a photo of Triple H you definitely won't see everyday. Dubbed by WWE as being a 'rare' (yet absolutely hilarious) picture of The Game, Triple H is showcased making a big grin towards his newfound friend - a gorgeous blue, yellow and green parrot. While we don't know exactly when this photograph was taken, judging by Hunter's suit and tie, I'd assume is was shortly after Triple H fired Vinnie Mac back in 2011 and became the new 'COO' of WWE. While Triple H seems like a fun spirited guy, you certainly don't find many pictures of The Cerebral Assassin genuinely smiling to the extent he was in this particular photo. Perhaps Triple H was trying to cosplay as 'Hunter B. Ware' in Koko B. Ware's honor.

Speaking on Triple H as WWE's newfound COO back in '11, although many fans were wary of what was to become of The Game in WWE, I'd argue the role has suited Triple H perfectly for where he's at in his career today. Considering Hunter was reaching the mid 40s club then, transitioning out of a full-time in-ring schedule was a very smart choice, and it's definitely helped preserve Triple H's health over the past seven years. An even bigger plus of Hunter wrestling part-time, is the fact that his appearances are far more special than they used to be, and fans view his matches as 'big deals'.

2 Vince Prior To Undergoing Hip Surgery

via twitter.com

Vince McMahon is undoubtedly one tough as nails guy! This absolutely hysterical photo of Vinnie Mac showcases The Bossman posing for one last photo prior to his hip surgery, and by all means, McMahon was looking hilarious. Rocking the typical hospital attire and a lovely blurred out middle finger, Vince was seemingly in good spirits and fully prepared for his surgery. However, seeing that we've established the fact Vince McMahon's a bit of a workaholic, the sooner his surgery's done, the sooner he's back on the road and back to work hence why Vince has no fear of going 'under the knife'.

It's quite surprising that Vince's body has held up as well as it has over the years due to his in-ring appearances and grueling workout routines, but Vinnie Mac's still going strong in his early 70s, and he won't be going anywhere anytime soon - sorry to those fans who're anxiously waiting for Triple H to take things over. To be quite honest, the WWE simply wouldn't be the same without good ole Vince McMahon, and while he unquestionably has his share of shortcomings, there is still plenty good about Vince, and his presence would be greatly missed by most fans. That being said, the WWE's in good hands with Hunter.

1 Triple H's Reaction To CM Punk's Embarrassing UFC Loss

via pinterest.com

Alright guys, this is most likely the funniest backstage photograph of Triple H on this entire list. Only problem is, it isn't actually real. Although it probably does depict how Triple H would react to CM Punk's loss, it is in the fact the work of a photoshop expert. I think it's common knowledge at this point that Triple H despises CM Punk almost as much as Punk despises The Game, and though CM Punk is no longer working for WWE, their rivalry continues.. This photo showcases Hunter backstage taking a selfie all while CM Punk's incredibly embarrassing loss at the hands of Mickey Gall plays on the television in the background. This was no subtle shot towards Punk, and Triple H was likely happy with CM Punk's UFC failure.

It's not arguable that Punk couldn't have left WWE in a more controversial way, and both Punk and WWE are responsible for this being the case.

Regardless of it being photoshopped, this picture was beyond hilarious, and that smile was genuine no ifs, ands or buts about it. However, CM Punk has a second opportunity to prove Triple H (along with Vince and Stephanie) wrong with his upcoming fight against Mike Jackson at the UFC 225 pay-per-view. The Cult Of Personality seems to be better prepared this time around, but at the same time, this fight could very well go down in similar fashion to Punk versus Gall.

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