History Was Made On Monday Night Raw

Akira Tozawa is the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion after he defeated Neville in a championship match on Raw this past Monday night.

Not only did Tozawa become Cruiserweight Champion on Monday night, but he also made a little bit of history. The purple strap has changed hands four times since being won by its inaugural champion TJ Perkins at last year's Cruiserweight Classic, but Tozowa is the first man to ever win the belt on Raw.


Akira Tozawa's agent Titus O' Neil inexplicably lobbied for his client's Cruiserweight Championship match to take place on this week's Raw instead of SummerSlam on Sunday. Clearly, all parties were on board as O' Neil got his wish and The King of the Cruiserweights defended his title against Tozawa on Monday night, something he likely wouldn't have done with the benefit of hindsight.

Via Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It turns out, it was a stroke of genius from Titus. That's right, we have ourselves a new Cruiserweight Champion! Neville held the belt for almost seven months, but the King's reign has now come to an end. It was an entertaining match between the feuding pair, though it's a little strange considering it wasn't supposed to happen yet, in which both men looked to have things wrapped up a couple of times each.

Tozowa ultimately came out on top, however, connecting with his patented Senton shortly after he managed to not only avoid Neville's Red Arrow, but also reversed the Rings of Saturn. No sooner had the referee counted three did we see Titus join his client in the ring, swiftly followed by the third member of the Titus Brand, Apollo Crews, as the two men paraded the new champion around the ring on their shoulders. Strangely enough, Tozowa's history making moment wasn't mentioned at all by Raw commentary.

Regardless, this sudden and unexpected title change isn't an isolated incident when it comes to WWE trying to shock fans recently. A few weeks ago AJ Styles won the United States Championship at a house show in Madison Square Garden, only to shockingly lose the belt back to Kevin Owens and then win it back once again two days later.


Why exactly the Cruiserweight Championship match was brought forward six days is still unclear, but there will likely be theories circulating between now and SummerSlam. Neville may very well cash in the rematch he is now owed straight away and we could still see a Neville - Tozawa match on Sunday night. If that happens we may very well start next week with the same Cruiserweight Champion as we started this week with, Neville.

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