Homewreckers: 15 Wrestlers Who Ruined A Fellow Wrestler's Relationship

With wrestlers spending more than 300 days of the year on the road, cheating on their spouses is commonplace in the industry. Even alleged saints such as Bret Hart and The Undertaker have been rumored to have had a fling while being married at some point.

Only those who have their significant other travelling with them are the ones less likely to cheat, such as The Miz and Maryse, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, proving wrestlers can avoid infidelity. However, such cases are far and few between, and the industry has often seen wrestlers cheat on their significant other despite the couple being on the same roster.

Many insiders have stated how being the face of the company helps in seducing talents of the opposite sex, and our article justifies their claims as you will proceed to see the top dogs' names repeated throughout the article.

The following is 15 cheating scandals involve wrestlers sleeping with their colleagues’ spouses. Given the multitude of cheating scandals in the WWE and the rest of the industry, we may have failed to mention a scandal or two. As always, you can point those out in the comments section here on the website or on TheSportster's social media accounts.

15 Stephanie McMahon — Triple H/Chyna


It's pretty well known by this point that Triple H began dating Stephanie around the same time he was still in a relationship with Chyna. Hunter and Stephanie were in a storyline on-screen where they were a couple and it wasn't long before real life imitated art. Chyna was allegedly let go from the company shortly after confronting Triple H and Stephanie about the affair, leading many to believe that this helped cause the late Joanie Laurer's personal downfall.

It's sad to think that this affair may have played a part in her demise, but it can't be hidden. We still haven't found out all the facts regarding this affair, but it's definitely one of the most infamous in wrestling history. It's hard to see one ever happening that would match this magnitude.

14 Dawn Marie - Kurt/Karen Angle


13 AJ Lee – CM Punk/Lita


The timing of CM Punk and AJ Lee's relationship beginning along with the time of Punk's relationship with Lita ending, certainly lends credence to the whispers that Punk was in fact seeing AJ while still with Lita. Punk and Lita were together as recently as the WrestleMania XXIX Hall of Fame ceremony, but just over a year later, he got married to AJ.

12 Shawn Stasiak — Goldust/Terri Runnels


Goldust has enjoyed a rather glorious WWE career for someone with Rhodes as his last name. Although he has held only a handful of straps, he certainly has enjoyed one of the most successful careers for a wrestler with a bizarre gimmick -- no pun intended.

11 Christy Hemme — Triple H/Stephanie McMahon


This writer advises the readers to take this one entry with a pinch of salt, as this story has been neither approved nor denied by any of the involved parties. Rumor has it that Christy Hemme tried being inappropriate with Triple H while on the road and that they even had an affair. Stephanie McMahon, upon being aware of her advances gave her the pink slip a week after demoting her from WWE to Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWE's developmental territory.

10 Shawn Michaels/Sunny — Chris Candido/Theresa Wood 


Many knowledgeable fans should now know about Shawn Michaels’ womanizing tendencies, with our articles dwelling upon incidents such as the Heartbreak Kid urinating on women, hitting on a colonel’s significant other, etc. The one that deserves repeating here however, has always been his long-term relationship with WWE Hall of Famer, Sunny.

9 Sunny – Davey Boy Smith/Diane Hart

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Sunny makes the list again, this time over an alleged affair she had with Davey Boy Smith. Sunny has claimed to have slept with the late British Bulldog in multiple shoot interviews, despite the fact that Smith was married to Diane Hart, Bret's sister.

Shawn Michaels made the infamous 'Sunny Days' comment that implied Bret was having an affair with Sunny, but in reality it seems it was his brother-in-law who was in fact having Sunny Days.

This hasn't been confirmed and Sunny has been known to lie before, so we have to take it with a grain of salt. Georgia Smith, the late Davey Boy's daughter, refuted the allegations, saying: "I don't want to give this topic any attention. But that is complete lies and with what my brother, my mother and what my family have been through, she should have more respect," said Smith.

8 John Cena/Victoria — Lee Varon/Liz Huberdeau


John Cena has now become a role model for the new generation of WWE fans, given his active involvement with Make-A-Wish Foundation and other such charities, but he has committed his share of wrongdoings, much like almost every other wrestler out there. He has allegedly slept with numerous divas while on the road, but none of his flings was as bizarre as his short-term relationship with Victoria.

Victoria has been married to Lee Varon since 1999, and the couple has remained together despite their names often hitting the dirt sheets’ headlines, with her husband recently caught fooling around with a waitress at Victoria’s restaurant. However, it has been rumored that she was disloyal to him during her late WWE years as she was fooling around with the "Doctor of Thuganomics," John Cena.

7 Paige – Alberto Del Rio/Angela Velkei


No one needs to be told about the relationship involving Alberto Del Rio and Paige. Many observers are frowning upon their relationship, stating the age gap between the duo makes it odd. However, not a lot of fans seem to note the fact that the couple announced their relationship to the world – much to WWE’s anger and dismay – only weeks after the Mexican wrestler had filed for a divorce from his then-wife,  Angela Velkei.

6 John Cena/Mickie James — Kenny Dykstra/Elizabeth Huberdeau


Here is John Cena’s second entry. Although he now seems to be a happy man with Nikki Bella, he had been quite a player in his early days, likely much to the disappointment of his ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau, who stayed at home while her husband fooled around with women on the road.

This fling did not only result in the end of Cena's marriage as it also resulted in an engagement being called off. Kenny Dykstra and Mickie James were an item back in 2010 and even vowed to be hitched, but Super Cena buried their plans as he used his charm to tempt the five-time Women's Champion into cheating on the Spirit Squad member. Kenny made the affair public and even stated that Mickie googled 'Mickie James and John Cena Dating' to verify if their fling had leaked yet.

5 Batista/Melina – John Morrison/Angie Bautista 


While the WWE Universe or the Internet Wrestling Community dwelled upon the fact that Melina cheated on John Morrison with Batista, the fact that the Guardians of the Galaxy himself cheated on his then-wife Angie Bautista has largely gone under the radar. Their marriage ended discreetly in 2006 in the wake of the affair reaching Angie's ears.

4 Jeff Jarrett/Karen Angle — Kurt Angle


As the platitude goes, karma always comes back to get you. Many years after Kurt Angle’s extra-marital relationship with Jacqueline and Dawn Marie ended, his wife Karen Angle responded with an extra-marital relationship with Jeff Jarrett. The marriage ended shortly after in 2008, and although the now-Karen Jarrett and the Double J now distance themselves from the Olympics gold medalist, they allowed the TNA creative to spin a storyline out of the drama to make for good television.

3 Chris Benoit/Nancy Sullivan — Kevin Sullivan/Martina Benoit


At World Championship Wrestling’s peak, Kevin Sullivan, a lead booker and a wrestler, devised a story line that saw his real life wife woman, real name Nancy Sullivan, have an extra-marital relationship with late wrestling legend Chris Benoit. However, the scripted romance resulted in the on-screen couple falling for each other in real life, much to the dismay of the man – and woman’s husband – who orchestrated their romance.

The Sullivans parted ways in 1997, ending their 12-year marriage. The affair also ended Benoit’s 17-year marriage with his then-wife Martina Benoit. The new Benoits seemed happy despite bidding adieu to their long-term spouses, but their marriage was brought to an abrupt end in 2007 in the most tragic way possible.

2 Edge/Lita – Lisa Ortiz/Matt Hardy


Before being broken, Matt Hardy’s only relevant moment in wrestling featured his real life girlfriend Lita turning on him after succumbing to Edge’s charm. The whole segment made the fans uncomfortable as the WWE chose to make the obnoxious heel in Edge win the feud, as opposed to the babyface.

However, while the wrestling industry and the fans talked about Lita’s betrayal and Hardy’s release and feud loss, what they overlooked was the fact that Edge’s infidelity cost him his marriage as his then-wife Lisa Ortiz sought divorce shortly afterward.

1 Vince McMahon/WWE Divas Division – Linda McMahon


Vince McMahon is undeniably the craziest man to ever be embroiled in the wrestling industry thanks to his bizarre business and booking decisions, and the way he ribs his own talents. He has openly admitted to cheating on his wife Linda McMahon in an interview, but the couple are unwilling to let his infidelities rattle their marriage. While there isn't any true confirmation of who McMahon has cheated with, it's no doubt that his lifestyle is what contributed to the act.

In addition to his escapades behind closed doors, he has also never shied away from booking himself in racy segments with his female talents such as Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle, and Stacy Keibler. For unknown reasons, his wife still chooses to stay with him, but given the love triangle involving Stephanie McMahon, Chyna, and Triple H, being loyal in relationships may not be in the McMahons' genes.

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Homewreckers: 15 Wrestlers Who Ruined A Fellow Wrestler's Relationship