Hornswoggle Has Some Harsh Comments For Macaulay Culkin After His Attack

Hornswoggle was not happy after Home Alone Star Macaulay Culkin invaded his match and delivered a frog splash.

After his stunning defeat at the hands of Macaulay Culkin, Hornswoggle has some harsh words for the Home Alone star that pinned him.

Speaking with TMZ, Hornswoggle called out Culkin demanding a rematch against the former child movie star (and current indie movie… well, not quite star. More like “guy who acts in indie movies”).

"Macaulay Culkin. Last night you made one of the biggest mistakes of your life,” Hornswoggle began. “Which is actually surprising, 'cause you've made a ton of other big mistakes in your life, like Home Alone One and Home Alone 2, The Pagemaster - especially Richie Rich. But last night was the biggest mistake of your life. You stepped in the ring and you put your hands on me.

"Y'see Culkin, anytime you wanna do this I'm good. I'm ready. Let's do it. Any time, any place, anywhere.

"Macaulay Culkin... this is pro wrestling. This is my world. This ain't Hollywood, bitch!"


You saw it yesterday - Macaulay Culkin showed up at Hornswoggle’s 3v3 tag team Bar Wrestling match on Thursday with a bucket of marbles and an attitude. He dumped that bucket of marbles into the ring at the exact moment Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas were angling to finish off Joey Ryan and Candace Larae in a move the crowds loved but Hornswoggle hated.

That’s when Hornswoggle decided to go grab the former child star and drag him into the ring. There the two got into a shoving match that ended with Swoggle on the mat. Then Culkin made for the top ropes while Hornswoggle swayed around in a daze. Dick Justice handed Culkin his bucket which he threw at Swoggle, knocking him to the ground once more.

With a little help from Justice, Culkin performed what is surely the first five-star frog splash of his life, knocking an already dazed Hornswoggle down for the three count.

Now Hornswoggle is demanding a rematch in what will surely be billed as the fight of the century, maybe even millennia. No word on whether Culkin has accepted, but we’re definitely going to keep an ear to Culkin’s camp.


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Hornswoggle Has Some Harsh Comments For Macaulay Culkin After His Attack