Hot Or Not? 15 Pictures Of Current WWE Divas Before Their Fame

Seems like Ryback is the new delusional former WWE guy that can’t keep his mouth closed nowadays, as he recently took a shot at the female crop of WWE stars expressing his opinion on the fact that they should show more skin... As terrible and disturbing as that sounds, it gave us a great idea for this article as we take a look at the current crop of Divas and show that darn fool Ryback that they’re not only hot today, but for the most part, were hot all along even before their WWE fame as you’ll see in this article.

Pictures in this article vary from all over the place. Some shots we feature show the women in other promotions prior to their WWE run, while most of the others, just take a look at them look a little more “Not So PG”. Whatever they're doing, we’re intrigued as to whether you’ll find them hot or not! We encourage Ryback to give his input as well; we’re on the edge of our seats wanting to know what he thinks...

Like always, be sure to pass the link on to a buddy, he’ll get a kick out of these throwback shots. So without further ado, here are 15 pictures of current WWE Divas before their fame. We start off with the current undefeated NXT Champion looking “Not So PG” before her NXT days. Enjoy folks!

15 Asuka – The Japan Days

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Here’s a picture most North American wrestling fans thought they’d never see, as Asuka rocks a bikini on the beach. She actually has a plethora of similar pictures available online as she took some “Not So PG” photos prior to her WWE days. The consensus for this picture would definitely be hot!

Age 35, Asuka has been working her craft for quite some time now. She began in the early 2000s and built quite the name for herself overseas. In 2015, that same success would translate onto the massive WWE stage as she became a huge deal for the NXT brand. Since her debut appearance in the summer of 2015, Asuka is yet to lose a match till this day. So you can say things have gone quite well for the Empress.

14 The Bellas – Pre- Wrestling Days

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Before the Bellas decided to take a leap of faith and enter the sports and entertainment industry, they were simply in search of stardom via any agent that would take them on. They had a unique look as twins and for that reason, they banked on that potential moving to LA. Early on, they lived the humble lifestyle going on numerous auditions and working as waitresses as they searched for that one big gig. That big gig ended up being a Diva Search audition as the duo didn’t make the cut, but got something even better, an actual contract.

There simply is no debating, the Bellas were fine then and now. The two continue to enjoy massive success nowadays whether it be as reality stars on television, or through social media with the likes of their YouTube channel.

13 Nikki Cross – The Nikki Storm Pre-WWE Days

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Nope, this isn’t some fancy program we used to make Nikki Cross look like a stunning lingerie model, this is instead an actual throwback shot of her days prior to the WWE. Like Asuka, most wouldn’t imagine, but she has a plethora of “Not So PG” pictures available online and dare we say, she looks like a smoke-show in the pictures. Yup, that same gal that rocks the black under her eyes with sAnity.

Before her reckless self induced hair pulling days, Cross was simply known as Nikki Storm. She fell in love with the wrestling world at the age of ten and by 2008, when she was still a teen, Cross was working the indie scene getting her name out there. Signing with the WWE in 2016, Cross received a massive push due to her wealth of experience. You can expect a main roster run sooner rather than later and perhaps, even before her fellow sAnity members.

12 Nia Jax – Basketball Swag

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It’s no secret any longer, Nia Jax served as a plus-sized model before her days with the WWE. That occupation has been mentioned time and time again, so instead of walking down that path (no we're not taking a walk with The Drifter), we take an exit on a different road and show you guys a picture of her days playing a little b-ball. While attending Palomar College in California, Jax was on the basketball team. Just judging by her facial features in the picture above, you can tell why she was model worthy, her eyes are quite captivating (yes that sounds weird, we know). Following her b-ball and modelling days, Jax made the jump to pro wrestling signing with NXT despite no experience.

To her credit, she’s a quick learner and already on the main roster. Some believe the call up was way too pre-mature but in truth, the WWE has done an excellent job in protecting her exposure.

11 Emma – Bikini Babe

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Looking unrecognizable, Emma appears rather different without the black lipstick while rocking the barely fitted bikini ensemble. The “Not So PG” photo you see above is from Emma’s pre-WWE days with the Canadian promotion, Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling. She served a role under her real name during that time frame, Tenille Dashwood, which is actually a lot better than just Emma to be quite frank. We’re not even going to ask the question hot or not on this one, the answer is far too obvious!

She’s been in the WWE system since 2011 yet she’s not even 30 nowadays still only 28. For that reason, the WWE has been very complacent with her booking. She recently lost another match on Raw falling victim to a Rolling Senton from Nia Jax. Yup, bones were likely crushed in that finish!

10 Becky Lynch – The Pre-WWE Hype Picture

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Looking at the throwback picture, you’d think Lynch was a model or actress, instead, she was an aspiring wrestler trying to make it in the WWE for years. After leaving the business for a steadier career as a flight attendant, she wisely returned and would earn herself a WWE contract in 2013. The picture you see above was featured by an Irish tabloid claiming Lynch was going to be the next big WWE star from Ireland, looking back, they weren’t wrong making such an assumption.

Rocking an orangey/red head of hair nowadays, Lynch looks quite different. However, in truth, most fans would agree she looked great then and great now. Just entering her 30s, Lynch still has a long way to go in the business, yet to turn heel, that type of turn can add years of extra work to her career.

9 Billie Kay – The Shy Shimmer Days

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If you’ve followed Billie Kay, you’re likely aware she’s come a heck of a long way, like literally also, she hales from Sydney, Australia! Looking at her Shimmer portrait above, Kay was a long way away from her arrogant self back in the day, instead, she was a shy character yet to find her groove. Today, she’s starting to fill into her body and she’s oozing with confidence alongside Peyton Royce. The duo has WWE main roster written all over them, they can even help to add a new tag team dynamic onto either Raw or SmackDown once they get the call.

Whether it was Shimmer almost a decade ago back in 2008, or with the WWE today at the age of 28, the consensus would agree Kay looks fantastic throughout.

8 Carmella – Modelling Wizard

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Similar to Nia Jax, we took a pass on the obvious here and decided to steer clear of pictures of Carmella rocking a cheerleading outfit. It’s been mentioned and showcased time and time again that prior to her WWE days, she worked as a cheerleader for numerous high profile sports teams including the Lakers of the NBA and the Patriots of the NFL. Now that’s quite the résumé! Instead of posting a picture from those days, we instead stare at her perfection looking at the throwback modelling shot above. In truth, her hotness has been there for a very long time!

Perhaps nobody could have predicted back then, that the very same cheerleader would become the first ever Money in the Bank winner. She’s got the look, charisma and athletics on her side. With a little more in-ring seasoning, Carmella can become something very special for a long time.

7 Renee Young – The “Paquette” Days

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Before she became known as Renee Young by millions of WWE fans, she was using her real name, Renee Paquette, sounding like a French-Canadian. Instead, she was born and raised in the Toronto, Canada area. She aspired to work as a comedian as a youngster but ended up settling for a job as a broadcast host with the Canadian sporting television giant, The Score. It was there when the WWE took note of her wok and like they say, the rest is history.

Whether it was during her Paquette days or current Young days, there’s no denying her heat voltage meter has stayed quite high no matter what last name she was using. Young remains a crucial part of the WWE today as the best host the company has by far. You can only expect her company status to continue to peak.

6 Bayley – Looking Lean With Shimmer

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Before the WWE came calling, Bayley worked her craft as a youngster on the indie scene. Her biggest gig before being signed to McMahon’s empire came with the promotion, Shimmer Women Athletes. It was there where she met the likes of TNA star Mia Yim, who you can also spot in the picture above. We’ll let you guys decided on hot or not, as Bayley showcased a thinner look prior to her WWE days.

Today, Bayley has filled out quite a bit, in truth; her booty is “Not So PG”. Hitting those heavy squats has truly paid off, we can safely start chanting “Bayley got booty”. Still only 28, she’s lost her way a little bit on the main roster but due to her age, she can afford to stall a little at this point.

5 Natalie – Nattie Circa ’09

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A throwback picture from ’09, Nattie was actually a part of the WWE during this photo, however, it was way before her fame as she was just getting started inking a developmental deal two years prior in 2007. Crazy to think that she’s been with the company for already a decade now, along with starting on the indies in 2000. That’s 17 years of in-ring work, my goodness!

Age 35, Nattie has aged like a fine wine. Some would even say she looks better now than she did back in the day a decade ago. We praise Nattie for her commitment to the business and can’t wait to see her title match at SummerSlam against Naomi. Who else is team Natalya for that bout?

4 Alexa Bliss – The Little Miss Bliss Days

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Some would find it impossible to see what Bliss has become today given the way she started off with NXT. Known as a little shy babyface, Bliss started off as a push over known as a cheerleader early on. Even once her character took shape, she was nowhere near racking the same amount of wins as the Four Horsewomen of the WWE.

Bliss proved that NXT success does not impact main roster success. Bliss reached new levels on both Raw and SmackDown becoming the first female ever to win both championships. In addition, her physique is quite different today, we can no longer refer to her as “little miss Bliss” like the picture above, as she’s filled out quite a bit since her pre-WWE days. Judging by her booty gains, it appears as though her favorite cereal is without a doubt, Booty O’s!

3 Charlotte Flair – Volleyball Wizard

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Can you imagine Charlotte not living out her brother’s dream and becoming a WWE Superstar? Her genetics and God given talents scream out pro wrestler, however, that wasn’t always her trajectory.

Before her WWE fame, Charlotte was the athletic type pursuing various sports. Her top sport was volleyball as she captained her Providence High School to several state championships. After graduating from North Carolina State University, she took on her new occupation as a personal trainer.

After the tragic passing of her brother, Charlotte made it a priority to live it out his dream. She entered NXT guns blazing and five years later, she’s known as the best female wrestler on the planet. Just entering her 30s at 31, Charlotte has the potential to be one of the greatest ever when her career is set and done.

2 Sasha Banks – The Shy Boss

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Before she took her character to another level under her “Boss” persona, Banks was simply known on the indie circuit as Mercedes KV, her real name. She wrestled with the likes of Chaotic Wrestling, establishing her skills before making the jump to the WWE. As you see in the picture above, she was a long way away from her current look, appearing to be rather shy, something she admitted to being back in the day. However, there’s no denying she was always blessed with a great look both then and now.

Today, she’s simply known as the most popular female wrestler in all of the WWE. From her charisma to her look, Banks is the total package and something all future females should aspire to be like. What’s most surreal is that she’s 25! Let that sink in.

1 Stephanie McMahon – Her 90s Look

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Before her WWE fame, Stephanie’s character started off in a tame manner, as she portrayed a shy babyface type in the late 90s. Her character really launched when she turned on her father at Armageddon against Triple H. But before that, she was just a shy face, with a different look entirely. Even her chest area, was, well, not enhanced yet. She looked quite different, but in truth, we can all agree she still looked great enhancements or not.

Today, in her 40s, some would say Stephanie looks her absolute best. She’s putting in the work that’s for darn sure, undergoing rigorous midnight workouts alongside her trainer and husband Triple H. If you miss Steph, look for a return in the near future as she’s set to make a comeback any day now.

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