Hotter Then Or Now? 8 Pictures Of Torrie Wilson Before And 8 Now

Torrie Wilson broke into the world of professional wrestling in 1999 on WCW television. Believe it or not, she was originally a heal. But, it didn't take long for wrestling fans to fall in love with Torrie Wilson. Let's face it, it's not easy to hate one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Even if Torrie's character was utterly despicable, men would still find a way to root for her.

After a few years in WCW, Torrie Wilson was brought over to the WWE. The Attitude Era was the perfect time for Torrie to show off her amazing assets. Vince McMahon placed Torrie Wilson in some of the most risque and seductive WWE story-lines of all time. Wilson would strip down to her bra and panties on a regular occurrence, and she would even kiss the other WWE Divas. Ahh, the Attitude Era was a great time in wrestling.

Torrie Wilson was a massive star in the WWE during the early 2000s. She had great feuds with Stacy Keibler, Miss Jackie and Trish Stratus. Although Torrie wasn't the greatest WWE Diva of all time, the fans absolutely loved her. She was just so damn hot that it was hard to hate her. And, that brings me to the point of this entire article. Which version of Torrie Wilson is the hottest?

For those of you that haven't seen Torrie Wilson in recent years, this list will most likely shock you. Torrie Wilson is still so hot that it's honestly incredible! So, after you're done studying the photos and skimming through the text, I'd like to know which version of Torrie Wilson you think is hotter.

16 Then: The Beach

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What could be better than this perfect picture of Torrie Wilson laying on the beach? It's clearly an extremely hot day, but it looks even hotter with Torrie Wilson baking in the sun. Not only is her body flawless here, but her smile is also inviting and captivating. It also appears that she doesn't have a care in the world and she shouldn't. This picture of Torrie Wilson in her prime is a great way to start off this list, but it gets even better. It's often said that a fine wine gets better with age, and that statement also holds true for a fine woman such as Torrie Wilson. Just to give you a comparison, we should probably follow this up with another pic of Torrie on the beach right? Well...

15 Now: Fun In The Sun

Find your happy place and never be too busy for it. Life is too short. #DontBlink #ResetButton #Beach ? ...at my happy place by @allenlhgfx

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It's obvious that Torrie Wilson is a fan of the beach, and it's also obvious that we are fans of pictures of her at the beach. With over 15K likes, I think we can all agree that Miss Wilson's body is to die for. Even at the ripe age of 41, Torrie Wilson maintains one of the hottest and fittest physiques on the planet.

I personally believe that Miss Wilson could outwork and dare I say outshine most of the WWE Divas on the current roster. At 41 years of age, Torrie Wilson has seen and done it all in the wrestling business. She could definitely come back for one last run, but I'm not so sure she is interested in leaving the beach anytime soon.

14 Then: Black Leather

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This list is getting harder and harder to write.... Which is better? Torrie Wilson in her prime? Or, Torrie Wilson today? Well, this picture of Torrie screams sex appeal and attitude. What's hotter than an attractive woman in black leather heels?

Not only are Torrie's heels incredibly sexy, but the fact that she is basically in a thong makes things so much hotter. Her risque top and matching tie only adds to her perfect package. Torrie's never been shy about being in front of a camera and why should

Yes, Torrie Wilson was a true dime-piece back in the day. However, she may actually be getting even hotter now that she has turned into a a fitness 'gypsy' as she says on her Instagram profile.

13 Now: Making a List

Day at the office. ? #HomeWorkouts #ForYou #Sweat #BeachReady #SummerBod #TorrieWilsonFit

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While we are in the midst of a blazing hot summer, this picture of Torrie will probably make most of us happy like it's Christmas morning. Miss Wilson is clearly a fitness freak. She marks down each of her exercises in an incredibly sexy way. Imagine if you saw Torrie Wilson working out in that outfit at a gym near you! Would you even be able to focus on your workout? I know I wouldn't. Thank god my local fitness club doesn't attract cougar's such as Torrie Wilson. I wouldn't be able to focus, and my fiance would probably leave me!

On a serious note, it must be pretty inspiring for women of all ages to see what the female body can look like with hard work and dedication. It's clear that Torrie Wilson likes to motivate her fans with posts such as this one on Instagram.

12 Then: Mermaid Fantasy

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WWE sure used to go wild with some of their WWE Diva photoshoots and that's when Torrie Wilson would time and time again, take our breaths away. Once again, we have Torrie Wilson in a beach setting. Only this picture is a bit more classy, but just as sexy. Although her outfit is almost see-through, Wilson is covered up enough to leave some things to the imagination. Even though we can't see too much skin in this photo, her outfit does give us the opportunity to enjoy her perfect physique. It's clear that Torrie Wilson has some amazing curves, but let's not forget about her golden blonde hair and beautiful face.

Most people don't believe in mermaids, but finding a beautiful woman such as Torrie is just as rare.

11 Now: Puppies!

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Those cute little puppies have no idea how lucky they truly are. If they only knew the things that men and even women would do to get that close to Torrie Wilson.

This photo of Torrie was taken in 2014, but she looks nearly identical today. Her attire in this picture leads me to believe that it was probably taken after a workout. Call me crazy, but the yoga pants, sports bra, and headband seem like a dead give away.

Once again, it's clear to see that Miss Wilson is extremely proud of her body. She obviously has no problem showing off her physique, and who could blame her. She is in incredible shape, and like the saying goes, "If you got it, flaunt it."

10 Then: Baywatch Babe

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This incredible picture of Torrie Wilson could give sight to the blind! WOW! Torrie looks absolutely stunning here. Her body is utterly flawless! I dare you to find me a hotter WWE Diva than Torrie Wilson! She was truly one of the greats, and she just might have the best body of all time.

Her stomach is flat and firm, and her arms are toned and tight. It's also not hard to miss the fact that she is stacked from head to toe! It wouldn't be shocking to me if someone mistook Torrie Wilson for a Baywatch Babe. In fact, I would say that she is even hotter than a prime Pamela Anderson! When Paramount was casting the 2017 film, they probably should have given Torrie a look.

9 Now: Fit and Happy

Summer is here, and some of us are still struggling to get our beach bodies on point... I know I am. On the other hand, Torrie Wilson, who happens to be 41-years-old, is clearly in the best shape of her life. It seems that Miss Wilson is not only happy with being incredibly fit, but it's obvious that she enjoys rubbing it in our faces.

In this tweet from March of this year, Torrie's abs are on full display. Her legs and arms also look incredibly muscular and toned. Judging by her appearance in this picture, I think it's safe to say that Miss Wilson's physique is better now than in her days of wrestling. It's amazing how committed Torrie is to fitness without having to travel.

8 Then: Centerfold Material

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This picture of Torrie Wilson was taken around the time she first posed for a Playboy shoot in the early 2000s. Hugh Hefner clearly had and still has an eye for talent. Getting Torrie Wilson to shoot for Playboy was one of the best decisions that the old Don ever made. Hefner made the right choice calling upon Torrie Wilson and Sable to star in his magazine.

Torrie Wilson was and still is one of the most photogenic WWE Divas of all time. Whether she's posing for Playboy or snapping a selfie, she always looks stunning. In the picture above, she shows off her killer body in one of the sexiest positions known to man. Few words are needed to describe the photo above. But one word sums it up perfectly, HOT!

7 Now: Killer Abs

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Torrie Wilson is in phenomenal shape here! In this rather recent photo, Miss Wilson proves that age is only a number. It's getting difficult for me to accept the fact the Miss Wilson's body is so damn perfect! Torrie Wilson never had rock hard abs like this in her wrestling career. Torrie looks like she just got done shooting another sequel for 300. Honestly, I'm beginning to wonder if her abs are photoshopped.

Wilson's stomach looks simply amazing here, but lets not forget about the rest of the photo. Her jeans are unbuckled and very tempting. And her pose happens to be very sexy and seductive! Torrie's golden blonde hair and beautiful face are also on display once again.

6 Then: The Golden Truth

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We all remember the Golden Truth. You know, the funny tag team of Goldust and R-Truth? Well, unlike the Golden Truth, this photo of  Torrie Wilson never gets old or played out.

In the picture above, Torrie's twins look like they are suffocating and falling out the sides. But, that's perfectly okay with us. If you manage to notice the golden star between Wilson's chest, you will also notice that her chain has basically vanished in her cleavage.

It's safe to say that Torrie's body is extremely attractive here as it always is. But once again, let's not forget to notice her flawless makeup and beautiful golden blonde hair.

5 Now: Beach Peekaboo 

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This picture of Torrie Wilson appears to be rather recent, and I say that because of her physique. One thing I'm beginning to notice about Torrie Wilson is that she has become tighter and toner over the years. I've come to the realization that Vince McMahon prefers his WWE Divas to be on the thicker side. I say that because it appears that Torrie Wilson would rather be toned and petite than thick. Personally, I have no problem with Torrie's body in any condition.

In the picture above, Torrie shows off her tight body in a bikini, but she forgot to bring a top! That's perfectly fine with us. Unfortunately, Torrie decided to hide the goods with her hands. Either way, it's still one of the hottest pictures on this list.

4 Then: SmackDown!

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Not only is Torrie Wilson a Hall of Fame worthy WWE Diva, but she also happens to be an American Hero! I think it's save to say that the American flag never looked so good. Her  outfit screams patriotism, and she makes me proud to be an American. Part of Torrie's appeal was that she really had that all-American look that any entertainment company looks to have.

With the Fourth of July recently passed, I figured this would be a perfect picture to add to the list. It's clear to see that Torrie's legs look amazing here. Her perfect smile is also on display as she proudly advertises the Smackdown banner. And for you freaks out there, it would appear that Torrie treated herself to a pedicure right before taking this photo.

3 Now: Ripped

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Torrie Wilson is absolutely shredded in this picture. Her abs are ridiculously toned and ripped here. Everyone needs to realize that an incredible amount of hard work and discipline is needed to obtain a physique as impressive as Torrie's in this photo.

Everything in this photo is perfect. Torrie is obviously in her element as she is once again posing on the beach. Her tiny black bikini bottoms leave little to the imagination. Her legs are also on full display as they appear to be toned beyond belief. Adding to the sexiness, Torrie's black lace top is exposing just the right amount of cleavage. This picture is pleasing, but it leaves us wanting more.. a lot more.

2 Then: AAAHHH!

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In the words of Jerry "The King" Lawler, that is one beautiful set of puppies! Honestly, this is one of the hottest pictures of Torrie Wilson that you can find. Of course, there are other ones that are a bit more X-rated, but we try to keep it classy here at TheSportster. Either way, this picture of Torrie holding her bikini top is very hot and inviting.

What makes this picture so sexy is the fact that Torrie appears to be in her back yard. Just take a second and imagine if Torrie Wilson was your neighbor. You might just end up becoming a Peeping Tom like Marty McFly's dad. On a serious note, Torrie's right hand is barely big enough to contain her goods, which in turn only makes this picture even better. And once again, let's take a moment to look at her perfect abs and beautiful smile.

1 Now: Sunkist Cowgirl

You have a choice: keep improving or complain about what you don't have. #KeepGettingBetter #TakeControlOfYourLife #WhiningGetsYouNowhere #WorkingForItGetsRespect ❤️❤️❤️Pic @leelhgfx

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At the age of 41-years-old, Torrie Wilson has a body that most women would die for. She is incredibly toned here and she has washboard abs. It seems that fitness has become an obsession for the former WWE Diva. Not only has she made millions thanks to her perfect body, but it would appear that Torrie Wilson is a genuine fitness fanatic. Most of her Instagram posts showcase some sort of physical activity.

Even though she is no longer a member of the WWE locker room, Torrie Wilson has done everything in her power to stay in the best shape possible. The picture above is a perfect example of her incredible dedication to her personal fitness goals. Torrie Wilson is still one of the hottest women on the planet, and she remains far ahead of her competition.

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