15 Hot Mistresses These Wrestlers Couldn’t Resist

Wrestling is a tough business on families and couples. Especially if you're in a major wrestling promotion such as WWE, one may eventually end up taking the road as a mistress. But with the ever-present chance that wrestlers could be taken away from their significant others for weeks on end, that's when they get a little too close for comfort with their colleagues of the opposite sex. And if they don't find themselves in the arms of their wrestling colleagues, there's always the chance that their extra-curricular activities would have them fooling around with people outside the industry, ranging from glamorous actors and models to not-so-glamorous ring rats.

Indeed, there have been a lot of times when wrestlers have ended up taking a dump where they eat, and done so despite being married or in a relationship. And whether we want to admit it or not, this is far more prevalent when it comes to male wrestlers with WAGs at home, or ever on the same roster or in another wrestling company. As such, we shall now be looking at 15 gorgeous women, most of them wrestlers themselves, who were too hot for certain male grapplers to resist, so hot that the men involved eventually ended up divorced from their wives, or broken up from their previous partners.

15 Hulk Hogan Couldn't Resist Heather Clem

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Let us all face it – Hulk Hogan was never a looker. But there's a certain something about him that beautiful women find attractive, may it be his ex-wife Linda, actress Joan Severance's character in No Holds Barred (with Hulk's character working out in a thong, cannot unsee!), or Heather Clem, the then-wife of Hogan's good buddy, shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge. Thanks to the Gawker scandal, we now know that the Hulkster and Heather were very familiar with each other, not only in bed, but also to the point that Hogan would tell Heather ugly, racist things about his daughter Brooke's then-boyfriend.

To be fair, Hulk and Heather's rolls in the hay all came with Bubba's approval. But the fact is that the man who told us to say our prayers and eat our vitamins was still married to Linda at the time the aforementioned sex tape was filmed. Guess it's a good thing Hulk never included "don't cheat on your partner" among his "demandments," otherwise he'd be even more of a terrible role model.

14 John Cena Couldn't Resist Victoria

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Strangely enough, most of John Cena's supposed "mistresses" in this list qualified for it at a time when Cena was not yet married to his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Huberdeau. And while their marriage lasted from 2009 to 2012, they were dating for years before that, and Huberdeau did accuse Cena of having affairs with multiple women during their years as a couple.

These women included former WWE Women's Champion Victoria, who claimed to have had an affair with Cena, albeit at a time when she was separated from her husband. This story was corroborated by Kenn "Kenny Dykstra" Doane, whom we will be reading about later in another Cena entry, but both accounts differ in timeline – Dykstra claimed the affair took place in 2006 or 2007, while Victoria insisted that she and Cena were "road spouses," to use Dykstra's term, in 2002. Either way, something most likely did happen between the Cenation leader and The Godfather's onetime "Head Ho."

13 Robbie E Couldn't Resist Brooke Adams

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Now here's a rather interesting entry, and the only TNA/Impact Wrestling entry we've got in this list. At the time Robbie E had hooked up with the wrestler then alternately known as Brooke or Miss Tessmacher, he was still married to his wife. Seeing as he spent more time with Brooke than he did with the missus, he would file for divorce and make his relationship with Brooke official. They even took part in the 25th season of The Amazing Race, finishing a respectable fourth place.

Yes indeed, Brooke Tessmacher was too hot for the BroMans member to resist. But in the end, Robbie and Mrs. E (actually Mrs. Strauss, if we are to use Robbie's real surname) got back together and remarried, while Brooke is now Mrs. Weston Wayne Piper, and mother to a one-year-old baby boy named Jace. All's well that ends well, we guess?

12 Seth Rollins Couldn't Resist Zahra Schreiber

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And here we go again with Ms. Zahra Schreiber. Although her time in NXT was brief, her notoriety has followed her everywhere. Well, there's that little thing with the swastikas and the My Little Pony drawing with a Hitler 'stache. But for the purposes of this article, you've also got the matter of her nudies leaking out on Seth Rollins' Twitter feed, and Rollins' fiancee Leighla Schultz taking the ultimate revenge by introducing the world of social media to the hitherto-unseen fourth member of The Shield.

That scandal effectively ended Seth and Leighla's relationship early in 2015, and Rollins was free to make Schreiber his main squeeze, until about a year later, when they broke up. Rollins has since gone on to date another woman and remains a top main eventer on WWE television, at least when he's not injured. Schreiber is now back in the indie scene, and we don't imagine WWE taking any interest in re-signing her after her double PR blunders from 2015.

11 The Undertaker Couldn't Resist Michelle McCool

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This entry ranks a bit low because rumors suggest The Undertaker's divorce was still in the process of being finalized at the time he had an affair with Michelle McCool, who was herself coming off a divorce. But since 'Taker was still technically married to former DDP stalking victim Sara (oh, that atrocious, career-killing storyline), we're listing it here, and posting it as possible evidence that Deadmen, every now and then, like a little action on the side.

Ultimately, 'Taker's divorce from Sara was finalized in 2007, and he and McCool got married in 2010, at which point she began making plans to retire from the wrestling business. The couple has since gone on to have one daughter (to add to 'Taker's two daughters with Sara and one son with his first wife), and if you were watching WrestleMania 33, she was there as The Undertaker made what could be his final appearance in a WWE ring.

10 Ric Flair Couldn't Resist Tiffany VanDemark

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Tiffany VanDemark is our second and last non-wrestling personality in this list, and if her name doesn't ring a bell, she's one of the many women Ric Flair was involved with in his long pro wrestling career, not to mention his third out of four wives. Come on now, did you think we were going to have such a list without mentioning the Nature Boy?

Just as the case was with his second wife Elizabeth, Flair began dating VanDemark, a fitness competitor, before the ink on his divorce papers from his previous wife was dry, but his third marriage, as it turned out, lasted much shorter than the first two, and even shorter than his eventual fourth marriage. VanDemark filed for divorce in 2008, just two years after she and Flair were married, and while that was Naitch's shortest marriage, it was arguably his messiest divorce, as the late, lamented Grantland wrote in 2011.

9 John Cena Couldn't Resist Maria Kanellis

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And look, we've got another John Cena entry here for you, because the man isn't just a 16-time world champion, but also quite the ladies' man, at least until he began dating Nikki Bella. Likewise, Maria Kanellis had a rather impressive dating resume during her time in WWE, but has settled down since becoming involved with, and eventually marrying "The Miracle" Mike Bennett.

Although there aren't too many stories to back it up, rumor has it that Maria was very briefly involved with the onetime Doctor of Thuganomics toward the end of her WWE run, which would mean Cena was already married to his first wife around that time. They did share a passionate onscreen kiss a few years prior to the alleged affair, but who knows if there was more than just acting involved during that smooch?

8 Alberto Del Rio Couldn't Resist Charlotte Flair

Oh, Alberto Del Rio, you perro. In one of two appearances on this list, the Mexican aristocrat-turned drunken WWE-basher decided he was going to have a little fun as he enjoyed an unexpected return to the WWE in late-2015, as reports suggest he had decided to put the moves on the daughter of that limousine-riding, jet-flying, kiss-stealing, wheeling-and-dealing son of a gun...WOOO!

At that time, the ink was barely dry on Charlotte Flair's divorce papers from Impact Wrestling's Bram (a.k.a. Kenneth Cameron in NXT), but Del Rio was still married to his now-ex-wife Angela. Pardon us if you read that again in this list, but that's because the Charlotte/Del Rio affair didn't last too long. A few months after they first started dating, Alberto's eyes wandered off across the pond, so to say, as he set his sights on a younger, paler-skinned women's wrestler with a penchant for claiming every arena was "her house."

7 Alberto Del Rio Couldn't Resist Paige

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Two in a row from Del Rio/El Patron. Well, what do you know.

At the time Alberto Del Rio and Paige confirmed their relationship in May of 2016, Del Rio was, once again, still legally married to Angela. The only difference between the Charlotte and Paige affairs, however, was Del Rio's subsequent claim that he and Angela were in the process of getting a divorce. Weeks after the Alberto/Paige relationship went public, divorce papers were indeed filed, and the timing suggested that Angela wasn't quite aware of her husband having a little hanky-panky with the Anti-Diva.

As we've frequently documented, there have been numerous allegations of Alberto Del Rio being a bad influence on Paige, due in part to his penchant for drinking, partying, no-showing events, and badmouthing WWE. Embarrassed as she may seem by the latter, it's not like she seems to mind it a lot, as Paige tweeted a couple of videos featuring Del Rio (now Alberto El Patron in Impact) badmouthing WWE on live stream, obviously and admittedly drunk as he goes on profane rants about "the guy with the big nose."

6 CM Punk Couldn't Resist AJ Lee

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Assuming the rumors are true, it's a very interesting irony if you come to think about it. As a young girl, April Mendez was such a big fan of Lita that she was moved to tears when she asked the Team Xtreme member for her autograph. More than a decade later, she was WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, and she was, as the stories suggest, dating CM Punk at a time when he was still in a relationship with Lita. We all know how that turned out, right?

According to AJ's recently-released autobiography Crazy is My Superpower, she and Punk had more of a big brother/little sister relationship before becoming an official couple, where they would confide in each other about anything under the sun, but be free to date other people. We also know Punk and Lita broke up shortly after the latter's 2013 Hall of Fame induction. But people familiar with the situation suggest that Punk was trying to court AJ WHILE Lita was still his official girlfriend.

One thing's for sure – things must be very, very awkward these days between one of WWE's top female wrestlers of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras and her onetime fangirl.

5 John Cena Couldn't Resist Mickie James

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And with this entry, John Cena makes it a trifecta, as Mickie James was yet another woman whom Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect was seeing while still married to, or officially dating Elizabeth Huberdeau. And this ranks the highest among Cena-related entries because it wasn't just John cheating on Liz with one of his WWE colleagues, but said alleged mistress, Mickie James, cheating on her fiancee at the time, Spirit Squad alumnus Kenny Dykstra.

This affair took place around 2008, shortly before Cena and Huberdeau were married, but it accomplished two things when it was all said and done. One, it marked the end of Kenny and Mickie's relationship when the onetime male cheerleader found out about the affair. Two, it was possibly a catalyst in Cena's divorce, as Dykstra claims Cena had lied to Huberdeau about being in an affair with Mickie prior to their marriage.

These days, Cena appears to be happily engaged to Nikki Bella after a hokey proposal at WrestleMania. Meanwhile, we can't help but think that James was moved to RAW in the Superstar Shakeup because things got a bit too awkward with her former flame and his new fiancee on the same brand.

4 Batista Couldn't Resist Melina

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There are many reasons why Melina was so unpopular in the WWE locker room back in the day. And one of those reasons was the affair she had with Batista, at a time when she may have been temporarily separated from boyfriend John Morrison, but also at a time when Big Dave was still married to, albeit soon to be divorced from, his second wife, Angie. Who, as you may be aware of, was battling cancer while her Animal of a husband was playing the field in the locker room.

The Melina/Batista affair was a brief one, as it wasn't long before she was back in the arms of JoMo. But many believe that Morrison's awareness of the affair and unwillingness to stand up to Batista may have come at the cost of a potential main event push. Vince McMahon may like big, sweaty men (like Batista), but he doesn't like men whom he sees as you-know-what-whipped.

3 The British Bulldog Couldn't Resist Sunny

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No, she is not in here for the reason you may be thinking. And this isn't a case of Bret Hart not, in fact, having "Sunny days" with Tammy Sytch, or even Shawn Michaels getting it on with her while her boyfriend Chris Candido wasn't looking; HBK was, as far as we know, technically single at the time. Sunny has, however, admitted to having sexual relations with several other WWE Superstars, including one we know who was married at the time.

In a 2012 shoot interview, Sunny confessed that she and the long-deceased Davey Boy "British Bulldog" Smith had an affair while the Bulldog was still married to Diana Hart.  This claim has been disputed by Davey Boy and Diana's daughter Georgia, who chalked up Sunny's comments to another one of her pleas for attention.

Regardless whether that affair really happened or not, it is generally accepted that Sunny DID get around during, and after her time in the WWE. And she'll be the first to admit it.

2 Edge Couldn't Resist Lita

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Matt Hardy's "Broken" character is one he plays so seriously that he takes it with him to any and all public appearances. But more than a decade ago, he was broken for real, and broken to the point that he wanted to "delete" a certain Adam Copeland after he discovered that his longtime girlfriend Lita was seeing him on the side. And no, he didn't have any PREMONEEESHUN that this would ever happen to him.

But let's get out of Matt's Broken Universe for a moment and get serious. While Hardy was recuperating from an injury early in 2005, Lita was apparently falling more in love with Edge as they spent more time together. This was despite the fact that the Rated-R Superstar was still married to a woman named Lisa Ortiz, whom Matt promptly notified when he accidentally discovered that Lita and his good buddy Edge were exchanging lovey-dovey text messages with each other.

When the affair was finally confirmed, Hardy was understandably furious, throwing Lita out of the house they shared together. Leave it to WWE to turn the real-life love triangle drama into a storyline. And for the company to have a now-divorced Edge and Lita showcase their love for each other through a "Live Sex Celebration." And they say pro wrestling is crazy enough as it is.

1 Triple H Couldn't Resist Stephanie McMahon

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We all know that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been, for years, a happily-married power couple, both in the literal and figurative sense of the term. But the late Chyna, who was previously in a relationship with The Game before he started dating the Billion Dollar Princess, has claimed that Trips was, in fact, cheating on her with Steph, while they were engaged to be married. And just as you may have surmised, this all took place during the McMahon/Helmsley Takeover storyline of 1999-2000, which started with that infamous incident where Triple H had drugged Stephanie and married her in kayfabe. Four years later, they were married for real.

Going back to Chyna, she recalled in 2012 that she found out about the affair sometime in 2001, after finding a one-year-old love letter from Steph to Hunter, providing clear-cut evidence of her then-degenerate boyfriend's unfaithfulness. That, she added, was the catalyst for her release later that year, with Steph allegedly making sure that the Ninth Wonder of the World wouldn't get re-signed once her contract was up.

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