House Of Garbage: The 5 Best And 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE

How does one rate a week featuring so many amazing moments and quite possible the worst match in WWE history? Payback 2017 will forever be infamously remembered for the House of Horrors match - the first WWE match to be directed by Rob Zombie. The best thing to come of it is we now know the Orton/Wyatt saga has come to its conclusion. Thank the heavens.

Here are the five best and five worst moments this week in WWE.

Note: If Bray Wyatt is your favorite wrestler, you might not want to continue reading.

10. WORST - A Movie Can Now Be A Wrestling Match

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Having a pre-taped backstage segment is one thing. But a pre-taped match?

WWE insulted our intelligence in the first (and hopefully only) House of Horrors match, presented to us as if it were happening live even though what we watched probably took an entire weekend to film. It was a B-horror flick without the fun. A fail. If WWE attempts to do something like this again, at least film it on one camera Blair Witch style. Having multiple angles and edits and music made it all the more laughably awful.

9. BEST - Cruiserweight Championship Match

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At Payback, it looked as if Aries finally had Neville's number when he locked Neville into his Last Chancery submission. Neville, realizing he couldn't escape and reach the rope, grabbed hold of the referee and threw him to the ground in a last ditch effort, prompting a disqualification loss which unfortunately for Aries means the title is to stay around Neville's waist a little while longer. Neville's a sneaky son of a gun, isn't he?

Here's hoping their inevitable rematch at Extreme Rules is NO DQ.

8. WORST - Randy Orton Can Teleport

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So Bray Wyatt tips a refrigerator on top of Randy Orton (yes, you read that correct), leaves the haunted house, hops in Randy Orton's limo and asks the driver for a ride back to the arena. Even though the driver was hired by Randy Orton, the driver obliges anyway. Then, we cut back to the arena where we hilariously hear the fans BOOING their lungs out (thank you, San Jose) and when WWE realizes their mistake, they quickly play a video package to try and hide the fact that everyone hated what they just saw.

A half hour after Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe's match, the limo finally arrives at the arena with Wyatt inside. He comes out to the ring, entrance music and all, when suddenly Randy Orton appears out of nowhere and attacks him with a steel chair.

Because apparently, Orton is the supernatural one of the two with the ability to teleport.

7. BEST - Alexa Bliss Reigns Supreme

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On Sunday, Alexa Bliss did what we thought originally not possible. Defeat Bayley and make history as the first woman to hold both the SmackDown and RAW Women's Championships. Bliss is officially at the top of the food chain.

At first, I was like "ugh", because it seems as if nobody can hold that RAW Women's title longer than a few months. But then I was like, "okay, yeah", because let's be real, Bayley was a horrible champion. Bayley's great, there's no denying. She plays the underdog so well, and despite her fairly clean win against Charlotte at Mania, Bayley is better suited as the underdog. At least for now. Sasha's the sole reason Bayley even won the championship to begin with, so let's ride on that for a bit. Bring Bayley back down for a while and allow us to root for her again before letting her reign atop of the division again.

It's more fun anyway seeing her almost make it, then fail miserably.

6. WORST - Bray Wyatt Still Sucks

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Yes, we're still talking about the House of Horrors.

To reiterate, Bray Wyatt orchestrates his own match so he can finally defeat Randy Orton. Yet he still couldn't defeat Randy Orton. Yes, Wyatt won, but he still looks absolutely useless if not worse than before. Had Jinder Mahal and the Singh brothers decided not to interfere, Wyatt wouldn't have been able to pick up the victory in his OWN match.

5. BEST - Braun Strowman Defeats Roman Reigns!

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We were all worried Roman Reigns would Superman his way through the main event of Payback and somehow destroy Strowman despite two cracked ribs and a separated shoulder. Luckily, that wasn't the case and WWE wisely chose to put Strowman over and he put an end to the Roman Empire once and for all. Well. At least for now.

These two work solid together, and we want to see these two kill each other again, again, and again. Lets keep Roman off TV for a bit more first though, yeah?

4. WORST - Bray Wyatt Confronts Kurt Angle

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So even though Bray Wyatt embarrassed himself the night before and has nothing impressive on his resume (other than his fluke Elimination Chamber victory... and Tag titles which Orton won for him), he still has the audacity to interrupt the RAW General Manager the following night and demand Kurt Angle not get in his way on RAW. Ironic though that all Bray Wyatt does is get in people's way and annoy the hell out of people.

3. BEST - Chris Jericho Wins Back The U.S. Title

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After losing the United States Championship to Kevin Owens at WrestleMania, Chris Jericho was granted his rematch at Payback and managed to impressively win it back to become a two-time United States Champion after he hilariously destroyed the finger of Owens and locked him into the Walls Of Jericho. A strange move having Jericho win the title back so fast, but it worked. Chris Jericho is awesome.

2. WORST - Finn Balor Deserves Better

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After a fantastic Triple Threat main event on RAW, Bray Wyatt decided to cost Finn Balor the match for no absolutely no reason other than the fact that he's the worst human being on the planet. After all these losses, Bray Wyatt should be at the bottom of the totem pole with Goldust and R-Truth. Putting him with RAW's top star Finn Balor is undeserved.

Why Kurt Angle or anybody would want this man on their roster is anyone's guess.

1. BEST - Wait. Kevin Owens Wins Back The US Title Too

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Just because the United States title changed hands two days prior, didn't mean it couldn't change hands again. Two days after their match at Payback, this time Kevin Owens was granted his rematch with Chris Jericho on SmackDown and suuuurprise, the title switched hands once again, making Kevin Owens an official twp-time United States Champion as well. Another strange move, having the title switch hands once again, but I like it. It paints these two as equals, and well, we all kind of saw it coming. Jericho's leaving for a little while to tour with Fozzy, so that means he has to be off television for the foreseeable future. Which is precisely why Owens didn't just defeat Jericho, but attempted to break Jericho's neck with the scary chair attack after the match.

Jericho may be gone for now, but when he comes back, we know for a fact that the bad blood between these former best friends has just got started.

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