How Could He Do That?!: 15 Wrestlers Who Cheated On Beautiful Women

Wrestlers are often ego driven human beings. Whether they have a beautiful woman at home waiting for them or not, sometimes their heads will be turned by the slightest compliment.

This has been a problem with many wrestlers over the years and it has had many of the WWE Universe questioning how these stars could want to look elsewhere when they had a beautiful woman waiting for them at home.

The old saying is "why would you want a hamburger when you already have a steak?" Well, that's a question that many of the men on this following list should be asking themselves.

It seems that having a beautiful woman in their lives wasn't enough for them to remain loyal. Whether it's because they were on the road for so long and were looking for comfort and companionship in the wrong places, or it was literally just a bad decision on a bad day there are many wrestlers who have allowed themselves to cheat on some beautiful women.

The following list of 15 wrestlers will always be considered as Chris Jericho would rightfully call them "Stupid Idiots" for their crazy actions when they failed to take advantage of the good woman they once had.

15 Ric Flair

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Ric Flair is known as "The Dirtiest Player in the Game" and there is a reason for this. Not only in the ring but outside of it as well. Ric has become known for the fact that he has been both married and divorced four times.

Ric is a womanizer and is actually engaged again for the fifth time right now. Because of how close together many of Ric's divorces and subsequent marriages have become, Flair has been accused of cheating numerous times throughout his career, his third wife Tiffany VanDemark filed for divorce in 2008 which was finalized in 2009. Merely months later Flair was married to Jackie Beems. This happened with many of his marriages and Flair himself admitted to a string of one-night stands throughout his earlier wrestler career.

14 Robbie E

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Robbie E was once a comedy jobber in Impact Wrestling. He headed over to the company while he was still married and ended up in quite a serious position with former WWE Diva Search contestant Brooke Adams.

After a few months of back and forth, Robbie decided to break it off with his wife so that he could go on to date Adams and his wife then vented her frustrations for the world to see on Social Media. Adams and Robbie didn't work when they weren't sneaking around and even though they were both part of CBS Reality show "The Amazing Race" by the time they were voted off the show, the couple had already decided to split. Even more shocking about this situation is that Robbie's ex Wife Tara actually took him back and Brooke has moved on and recently had her first child with her new spouse.

13 The Undertaker

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The Undertaker has had quite the WWE career over the past few years. And unfortunately, he is now rumoured to have retired from WWE following his WrestleMania loss to Roman Reigns.

As well has having a legendary career in WWE, The Undertaker has also had quite the personal life over the past few years as well. The Undertaker and his second wife Sara became known to the WWE Universe when she was added to one of The Undertaker's storylines in 2001. The couple shockingly divorced in 2007 when it was revealed that Michelle McCool and The Undertaker had been more than friends backstage for a while following Michelle's divorce the year before. The couple then went on to marry themselves in 2010 and welcomed their first child, a daughter a few years later.

12 Vince McMahon

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Vince McMahon has become quite a well-known wrestler and personality on the WWE roster over the past few decades. But he has also become known for the fact that he has had many relations with some of the most beautiful women in the world.

McMahon was married to Linda Edwards back in 1966. In recent years, Linda has removed herself from the board at WWE. Her husband has remained and has been rumoured to have had relations with the likes of Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson, and Christy Hemme. McMahon has not only cheated on his wife, but he has had affairs with other women in WWE at the same time. He has quite the reputation backstage with many of the WWE talents. But he owns the company, so he can technically do whatever he wants.

11 Jerry Lawler

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Jerry Lawler has his own fair share of problems when it comes to his personal life over the past few decades. Lawler was once married to former WWE Diva Stacy "The Kat" Carter but was also married twice before he met Stacy as part of WWE.

During his first two marriages to Kay and Paula, Jerry was reported to have been unfaithful a few times and was even once arrested for the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl. It seems that what goes around does come around though as Jerry would later be cheated on himself by Stacy Carter, after he had quit WWE for her to show loyalty in their relationship. Obviously Jerry returned to WWE after their divorce was finalized and has since moved on to date many more women who are much younger than him.

10 Sting

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Like many wrestlers who have come before him, Sting fell off the wagon after years of addiction to substance and alcohol abuse. Sting went through years of this after being a constant anabolic steroid user throughout his career in the 1980s.

Sting went on to become a born-again Christian and attempted to get his life back together when he confessed to his then wife Sue to a string of affairs with other women throughout his career. Obviously, Sue didn't take it very well and even though Sting tried everything to redeem himself and find god, the couple still decided to divorce in 2010. Sting then moved on with his life after the divorce and married his second wife Sabine in 2015 shortly after he was defeated by Triple H back at WrestleMania 31.

9 Batista

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Batista has created quite the reputation for himself with the WWE Universe ever since it was revealed that he and former WWE Women's Champion Melina had cheated on his wife Angie.

Melina was in a relationship with John Morrison at the time, but it was later confirmed that they were on a break. The worst part of this betrayal was that Batista didn't even tell his wife. But he did decide to write about it in his book and allowed the rest of the world to hear about it. Angie later battled cancer while her husband was still wrestling for a living and it was confirmed by many fans that Batista was sleeping around with other female wrestlers and ring rats whilst his wife was at home fighting. Angie obviously divorced Batista when all of his actions came to light, which is much less than he truly deserved.

8 Edge

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Edge will always be known as the Superstar who cheated with Lita on Matt Hardy. The love triangle that defined his entire WWE career and truly turned him into the Rated R Superstar. The sad part of the whole betrayal though, is that Matt Hardy wasn't actually the only victim.

Edge was married at the time he cheated with Lita and his wife Lisa Ortiz had only said 'I do' a year earlier. Obviously, their marriage came to an end as a result of the betrayal and their divorce was finalized in November 2005. Edge has since moved on and even though he cheated with Lita, they were never truly a couple. Edge married fellow WWE star Beth Phoenix last year on his birthday, the couple already have two daughters together.

7 Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho is one of the biggest stars in WWE history. He has managed to leave and return to WWE over the past few years and still remain one of the stand out stars, despite being much older than the current breed of wrestlers.

Jericho has been married to Jessica Lockhart since 2000, which means that the couple have been married for seventeen years and have three children together. But there has been one huge fallback to their relationship and that is that when Jericho was on the road with WWE almost a decade ago. There were many photos leaked online of Kelly Kelly and Jericho kissing. It seems that something went on between Kelly and Chris but Jessica managed to look past it and stand by her man regardless.

6 Kurt Angle

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Kurt and Karen Angle's storyline with Jeff Jarrett was a huge hit in TNA when the company decided to capitalize on real life problems to make a personal storyline. While many of the wrestling audience actually felt bad for Kurt whilst his wife left him and decided to marry Jeff Jarrett, it seems that he really wasn't that much of a victim.

It seems that Kurt discussed the fact that he had cheated on Karen many times before they were officially divorced and while she did go off and marry Jeff, he doesn't have any bad will aimed towards her. Kurt speaks openly about their relationship and is always reminded of the fact that she is the mother of his children and he understands that he did a lot of things wrong in their relationship as well.

5 John Cena

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John Cena is the face of WWE and one of the most recognizable Superstars in the history of the company. Despite the fact that Cena has recently become engaged to Nikki Bella, it hasn't managed to paper over the cracks of Cena's past personal life.

Cena married his first wife Elizabeth back in 2009 and it was said that the couple were high school sweethearts. Their marriage didn't go to plan at all as Cena spent a lot of time on the road and worked his way through the WWE locker room while he was away from home. Affairs with Maria, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, and many others were public knowledge at this point, but more shockingly than any of this was that it was Cena who actually filed for divorce from his wife.

4 Triple H

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are currently the power couple of WWE, they have been married now for more than a decade and have three children together, but before Triple H and Stephanie were put together on WWE TV, Triple H was in a relationship with former WWE Women's Champion Chyna.

It seems that Triple H was given a better offer if he dated the only daughter of the McMahon family given that he could progress in the company and decided this was enough to walk away from Chyna without an explanation. Chyna wasn't impressed when she found out and was then fired from WWE as a result. Triple H and Stephanie essentially ended Chyna's career with their betrayal and it was something that Chyna never forgave and found very hard to move on from throughout her entire life.

3 CM Punk

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CM Punk is quite the womanizer, but he is now happily married to former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee and finally settled down. Punk has a worse reputation that Kelly Kelly when it comes to his personal life in the WWE locker room.

CM Punk and Lita were in a lengthy relationship back in 2013 before it was revealed that AJ Lee and Punk were dating. It seems that Punk and AJ had actually been getting closer behind Lita's back before they decided to officially come out as a couple. What makes this even worse is that AJ has stated many times how much she looks up to Lita and how much she helped her career, and now she's stolen her boyfriend. Lita left WWE a year after Punk and AJ left, and is now plying her trade elsewhere.

2 Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio recently married Paige following what was a whirlwind romance between the duo. It was revealed early last year that Paige and Del Rio were dating, just before Paige was suspended from WWE and Alberto decided to leave the company.

When Del Rio and Paige went public with their relationship Del Rio was not only still married to his wife, but he was also in a relationship with former Raw Women's Champion Charlotte. This made things awkward between Paige and Charlotte for a while, but luckily Paige has taken a lot of time away from WWE over the past few months, which has allowed Charlotte to excel without her former PCB teammate. Del Rio's divorce wasn't finalized until after he had accepted Paige's marriage proposal in October last year.

1 Seth Rollins

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The Architect may be a former World Champion on WWE TV, but the WWE Universe will always remember the time when he was the victim of a hacking scandal and his fiance decided to share her own private pictures online.

It was revealed that Rollins had been having an affair with NXT star Zahra Schreiber. He had been in a relationship with Leighla Schultz at this point for more than six years and had met when Seth was an Indie star and Leighla was a waitress. The couple even lived together in Davenport, Iowa at the time. It was a sad state of affairs, but it seems that like many wrestlers before him, Seth was unable to stay faithful while on in the road with WWE and away from his fiance for extended periods of time.

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