How Did John Cena React To Ziggler Admitting His Feelings For Nikki?


On the season finale of Total Divas, Dolph Ziggler admitted to Nikki Bella that he had feelings for her and that he could give her everything she wanted - ergo marriage and kids. And in a recent interview with Reveal Magazine in the UK Nikki discussed her reaction to his declaration of feeling:

"It wasn’t that I was tempted by Nick [Dolph]. It was the thought that there are others out there that want to give you marriage and kids. With Nick it’s hard to go back once you’re over it, but it did cross my mind that someone does want to make me a wife and someone does want to make me a mother."

But what did Bella's man John Cena think of it all:

"Poor John was like, ‘Is there anything I should be worried about?’, I was like ‘Umm I don’t think so…’ But no, I adore John and I couldn’t imagine my life without him."

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