How Did SmackDown 900 Do In The Ratings?

Last week SmackDown got killed in the ratings. But it was going up against the election, so it didn't stand much of a chance. This week, however, with it being the 900th episode and with them hyping the return of The Undertaker and an appearance by Edge, the ratings were way up. Although, maybe not as high as you would have expected.

SmackDown 900 averaged 2.725 million viewers. That is a 42% increase from last week's episode and it is the third best SmackDown ratings since the Draft back in July. That is good, but with all the hype for the show, I wonder if the WWE was counting on the highest ratings since the draft and not the third highest.

If you are wondering how it compared to Raw ratings this week, the big red show brought in 2.870 viewers. That is just slightly more than SmackDown 900, but remember that Raw had the Lesnar/Goldberg confrontation this week.

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