How Does Natalya Spice Up Her Marriage?

Natalya already gives us the the image of, let's say a strong, dominant character, when she walks to the ring clad in full leather and her curvy, yet muscular frame further gives off that imagery.

The season premiere was July 7th on E! and the episode featured Natalya hiring a dominatrix to enhance her on-screen character and/or spice things up with Tyson Kidd.

Tyson didn't take it too well, as he stormed out of the room after being barked at with orders from the dominatrix.

"Let's use him as an example," Adina, the mistress, tells Natalya. Kidd is then instructed to act like a cat: "Get on your f---ing knees!"

Now, anything that happens on Total Divas or any reality show has to be taken with a grain of salt, so odds are this is all just scripted for entertainment. Hey wait, just like wrestling!

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