How Does Sting Feel About His Loss To Triple H At WM 31?

The entire WWE Universe let out a huge sigh when Triple H beat Sting at WrestleMania 32. No one was surprised that Sting lost to Triple H, as WWE rarely puts over WCW guys, but that doesn't change the fact that fans were disappointed to see The Vigilante lose in his first WWE match and only WrestleMania appearance. But how does Sting feel about that match? Well, we finally know thanks to an interview he did with SI, which you can read in full here, and here's what he had to say about the match:

"People took the loss personally, but in this business, you have to learn real quick not to take anything that personally. For me, it was a memory just being in Levi Stadium in California, my home state, with that crowd there."

That's a great way to look at a moment that a lot of WWE fans weren't too happy about.

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How Does Sting Feel About His Loss To Triple H At WM 31?