How Does Vince McMahon Run WWE Creative Meetings?

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Have you ever wondered who Vince McMahon's favorite wrestler is? Oh, sorry his favorite sports entertainer. Well, you shouldn't have to think long, judging from the way John Cena has dominated his company for the last decade. Many wonder if Vince McMahon puts a fraction of the effort into building new stars as he has for Cena.

Second question: have you ever wondered how Vince McMahon runs creative meetings? Well, we've heard countless stories how creative can have a certain plan for a show, only for Vince to change it all himself just hours, even minutes before showtime. He'll rewrite a show even if it's just one thing he doesn't like in a script. We're guessing he does that when someone other than Cena is set to grab the spotlight, or the "brass ring."

CM Punk said on his pipebomb podcast appearance with Colt Cabana that Vince basically starts every creative meeting with, "what's next for Cena?!" And don't you dare try to convince him that Cena should put someone over. Except of course for BRROCKKK LESNNARRR. Or, The Rock. Or Kevin Federline. Or anyone not under a full-time contract.

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