How Does WWE Feel About Brock Lesnar Competing At UFC 200?

The entire WWE Universe was in shock when it was announced last night that Brock Lesnar would be returning to UFC for their 200th event. For the UFC, it's easy to see why they wanted him, as their landmark show was lacking in name value, but how would the WWE feel about it and did they Brock allow to go compete for the UFC? Well, we have a clear answer to those questions and it's that WWE is being oddly supportive.

There had been rumors that WWE approved of the fight and would be promoting it on their television programming leading up to the event, but now we have definite proof of that. In their release, they clarified that they game him permission to participate in the event and that he remains under contract with the WWE. They also announced that he'll still be at SummerSlam. His opponent for UFC 200 will be announced on Monday. Check out who we think he might face here.

Could this be the start of a working relationship between the two companies?

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How Does WWE Feel About Brock Lesnar Competing At UFC 200?