How Many People Make More Than Vince McMahon In WWE?

via WWE.com

Let me guess. You think the answer is 0. You think that we drove you to the site to tell you the obvious. Guess what, that's actually not the case!

According to Alexander Soule of The Stamford Advocate, there are actually three individuals who made more in 2015 than Vince McMahon in WWE. Due to stock awards, George Barrios, Kevin Dunn and Michelle Wilson all earned more than Mr. McMahon. Dunn made the most at $4.8 million, while both Barrios and Wilson earned $4,5 million. Kevin Dunn is likely the only name you recognize there, but for those who don't know, George Barrios is the Chief Financial and Strategy Officer and Michelle Wilson is the Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer.

Vince didn't so poorly himself, as he took home $3.3 million, which is better than he did in 2014. In case you were curious, which I'm sure you are, The Game brought home a cool $3.1 million. It pays to be The Authority in WWE.

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