How Much Money Did The McMahons & Triple H Make In 2016?

The WWE has now released its 2016 proxy, which features the pay of employees Vince McMahon, Shane, Stephanie and other top WWE executives.

According to Forbes, Vince McMahon earned a base pay of $3.071 million. It breaks down to $1,313,462 in base salary, $1,739,063 in non-equity incentives and $19,075 in other compensation.

As for Vince's kids, Stephanie earned around $2 million for being both a performer and an employee. Shane surprisingly earned a little more, around $2.15 million for “performance fees and royalties”. Shane's pay was likely aided due to his WrestleMania payday for his match against The Undertaker and some merchandise sales.

As for Vince's son-in-law, Triple H earned close to $4 million. His pay was divided as follows: $601,933 in base salary, $499,992 in stock awards, $419,531 in non-equity incentives and $2,471,961 for “all other compensation” which would include his work as an on-screen talent.

Other pays of top officials included $4.317 million for Chief of Revenue & Marketing Office Michelle D. Wilson, $4.3 million for George Barrios (Chief Strategy & Financial Officer) and $4.637 for Executive Producer Kevin Dunn.

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