How Much Money is A.J. Styles Making in WWE?

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The rumours have finally come to fruition as A.J. Styles entered the Royal Rumble in Orlando from the #3 spot. The fans were elated to see the seasoned wrestler finally make his WWE debut.

The very next night on RAW, A.J. Styles would partake in his first official one-on-one WWE match by defeated Chris Jericho in a bout that once again caused fans to erupt. The die-hards have been soaked in sweat and urine since Styles arrived.

And now that A.J. Styles is a member of the WWE roster, one must wonder about his current deal. According to former WCW announcer and wrestling blowhard, Mark Madden Styles is set to make a "downside guarantee in excess of $500K."

This contract is said to earn A.J. Styles around $100K more than his monetary total of 2015. Which now sheds light on Styles' position within WWE. Samoa Joe was sent to NXT, so why not Styles?

The answer is simple: WWE will not invest half-a-million-dollars into a Superstar and not utilize his abilities. The money A.J. Styles will make is an amount clearly not suited for a run in NXT.

Therefore, based on this number, fans/marks of A.J. Styles should rejoice as it would appear as though the main roster is a set destination for " The Phenomenal One." However, keep in mind where Styles will ultimately play.

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture is not one which will include A.J. Styles. The Intercontinental/United States Championship scene is likely where Styles will excel while putting on some solid matches in the process.

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