How Serious is Tyson Kidd's Injury?

Just as the Tag Team division was picking up steam, it appears as though there will be a serious roadbloack in it's way. According to PWInsider, Tyson Kidd suffered a pretty serious injury during last week's SmackDown taping. While facing off in a match against Samoa Joe, Kidd took a bump on the base of his neck,which you can see above. Most consider it to be a complete accident and not because of mistake on the part of Samoa Joe.

It's believed that Kidd will be out for several months and it means that one of the best Tag Teams on the roster will be out of action. Cesaro and Kidd had become the most innovative team on the roster and had us excited about the Tag Team division for the first time in a while, but we won't be able to see them together for a while. We wish Tyson Kidd a speedy recovery and hope that Cesaro is giving something of quality to do.

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