Creative Differences: How Vince McMahon And Triple H Want To Book These 10 WWE Superstars

Looking at the way Triple H runs things with NXT, it is rather clear that he has a different take when it comes to certain talents. We have seen glaring examples of that already on both sides. We’ve seen heavily pushed wrestlers by Triple H completely tank with Vince McMahon while those that weren’t a big deal with NXT turned into multi-time champions. What we know for sure is that Vince rules all at the end of the day. No matter how Triple H sees a talent, McMahon is the one to make all final decisions.

In this article, we take a look at ten different performers that both Vince and Triple H clearly disagree on. We will project their card status under Vince or Triple H’s watch and how their gimmicks might differentiate depending on who’s in charge. Although Vince gets a lot of heat with the bookings of some wrestlers, he has also managed to create stars in a manner that Triple H couldn’t. In fact, in this article, we will feature two wrestlers that might be bottom feeders if Triple H was in charge. Instead, thanks to Vince, they’re main acts on Monday Night Raw.

Clearly, as you will come to realize, the landscape would be a lot different if Triple H was running things. In fact, given these projections, both RAW and SmackDown might be flipped upside down. At this point, that’s what it might take to revive the programs! Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend.

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20 Vince McMahon – Finn Balor (Mid-Card Talent)

via Daily Wrestling News

We all heard this one before. Vince apparently thinks Finn Balor isn’t “over” enough. Balor had fun with that on social media when the story broke. Truth is, we have reason to believe it might be true. Instead of working upper card storylines, Balor continues to face the likes of Jinder Mahal week-after-week with no prominent push on the horizon.

According to various wrestling pundits, McMahon holds Balor in a similar regard to Dolph Ziggler. Basically, a good wrestler that just won’t carry the roster. Some might argue, this is a big mistake.

19 Triple H – Finn Balor (Upper-Card Talent)

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Back in the fall of 2017, Give Me Sport ran a story discussing Triple H’s frustrations with McMahon’s booking when it came to Finn Balor. Triple H pushed the talent beautifully with NXT, even going the extra mile by debuting his Demon character. Given his NXT run, main roster success seemed like a sure bet.

If Triple H was in charge, Balor wouldn’t be taking on Jinder Mahal or working meaningless segments with Bayley. Instead, Balor would be in the middle of things as the most prominent babyface on RAW and perhaps, the current Universal Champion.

18 Vince McMahon – Elias (Major Future Star)

via WWE

Vince McMahon has a weird resume when it comes to pushing certain NXT stars. We have seen sure bets such as Bobby Roode quickly fall down the card while the likes of Carmella and Alexa Bliss completely thrived on the main roster despite limited NXT success.

Elias falls under that category as well. However, we have to give McMahon some praise as he saw some serious dollar signs in Elias, something Triple H didn’t. Thanks to Vince, Elias has become a major player on Monday Night Raw as one of the most over babyface. Something that was unthinkable during his NXT run.

17 Triple H – Elias (Lower-Card Comedic Act)

via WWE

Triple H didn’t see the vision that his father-in-law had (although he did predict a better run on the main roster). Instead, Elias became a losing act, especially during his final run with NXT. It got so bad that Elias lost 16 of his final 18 matches. And oh, those defeats came against the likes of Oney Lorcan, Buddy Murphy and No Way Jose, to name a few. He even had a run as El Vagabundo!

In Triple H’s world, he would have been nothing but a lower card act providing comedic relief in meaningless segments. Sorry. Hunter, but the old man got this one right on the money.

16 Vince McMahon – Sami Zayn (Heel Mid-Card Act)

via WWE

It doesn’t get more opposite than the way Triple H and Vince McMahon see Sami Zayn. Starting with Vince, he decided to turn Zayn heel during his most recent run prior to injury. Basically, McMahon feels as though Zayn is a little annoying in real-life. Hilariously enough, McMahon wanted Zayn to use those qualities on-screen as a heel alongside former foe Kevin Owens.

To Vince’s credit, it wasn’t all the bad, aside from one promo with Bobby Lashley. Zayn did a decent job in the role but that might have been due to Zayn’s ability to adapt rather than Vince’s take on his character.

15 Triple H – Sami Zayn (Upper-Card Babyface)

via TPWW

Sean Waltman sent a text to Triple H suggesting Zayn turn heel given that he wasn’t doing much. Hunter hated the idea. We can only imagine how he felt when Vince actually made the switch.

Hunter has a different vision for Zayn and we saw that with NXT. Zayn was booked similar to Daniel Bryan, as an underdog character that put on phenomenal matches. Now that’s a lost art these days but if Hunter had his way, Zayn might have been a former WWE Champion at this point. Instead, he is yet to carry a single main roster championship.

14 Vince McMahon – Drew McIntyre (Upper Card Heel)

via wwe.com

This is what Vince always envisioned for Drew McIntyre. Unfortunately, during Drew’s first run, it was not meant to be and he turned into a comedic act. His run on the indie scene worked wonders and he is now Vince’s ideal performer. Unlike his run with NXT, McMahon turned Drew into a heel right out of the gate, partnering with Dolph Ziggler.

Arguably, he is the most dominant heel on either of the brands at the moment. This won’t change heading into 2019, with a Universal Championship run as a strong possibility.

13 Triple H – Drew McIntyre (Upper Card Babyface)

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Similar to Vince, Hunter wisely booked McIntyre las a big deal. However, under Triple H’s guidance, Drew served as a babyface during his run with NXT. That’s a lot different to what were accustomed to seeing with bigger performers, but to Hunter’s credit, it worked.

However, a glaring difference is the fact that Drew wasn’t as dominant when booked under Triple H. The Game visualized Drew as a top tier wrestler, though one that was beatable. His loss to Cien Almas for the NXT Championship was evidence of that. On the contrary, Vince views McIntyre as an unstoppable force.

12 Vince McMahon - Shinsuke Nakamura (Mid-Card Heel)

via wrestletalk.com

To Vince’s credit, he did try and book Shinsuke Nakamura in a similar regard to Triple H. However, after Shinsuke botched a suplex during a match against John Cena, it signified the end of that run. Before we knew it, Nakamura was out of the championship picture, losing to former title-holder, Jinder Mahal.

In Vince’s world, he views Nakamura as just another guy, unlike Triple H’s vision. At the moment, Shinsuke is nothing but a mid-card heel and a forgotten title-holder.

11 Triple H – Shinsuke Nakamura (Upper-Card Babyface)

via WWE

Triple H turned Nakamura into a special attraction. Down in NXT, every time we got to see Nakamura wrestle, it was almost a privilege. WWE needed to follow this winning formula but instead, he became a weekly act turned into just a regular dude.

Under Triple H’s guidance, Nakamura would have stayed babyface, becoming the face of SmackDown Live, likely as a lengthy WWE Title holder. Triple H would have held on to that mystique, having Nakamura only perform sporadically, making it a must-watch match every time. Instead, that allure is completely gone.

10 Vince McMahon – Bobby Roode (Mid-To-Lower-Card Wrestler)

via wwe.com

Triple H saw Bobby Roode as a big-time player. McMahon didn’t seem to agree and that was especially evident during his move to RAW. Roode was relegated into a tag team act. Never mind his passionate NXT promos as a heel, he is now clowning around with Drake Maverick in comedic skits.

Clearly, McMahon has a different plan for Roode and one polar opposite to Triple H. Hopefully, that will change at some point, but for the time being, there is no sign to indicate such a change in booking.

9 Triple H – Bobby Roode (Mid-To-Upper Card Heel)

via WWE

Roode is not so glorious nowadays. However, under Triple H’s brand, Roode turned into a top-tier heel doing whatever it takes to pull off a victory. Triple H believed in him, so much so that he defeated Nakamura, one of the most dominant NXT Title holders of all-time, for the strap.

Triple H would have booked Roode under the same type of circumstances. Roode wouldn’t be in the tag team scene nor would he be clowning around in meaningless segments. In Hunter’s world, he would be feuding with the likes of Seth Rollins, Finn Balor and other top tier babyfaces.

8 Vince McMahon – Asuka (Beatable Talent)

via wwe.com

An unstoppable act turned into a forgotten talent. That is the story of Asuka’s transition from NXT onto the main roster. She is yet to win a championship. Not only that, she has been hovering outside of the title picture for months now. Finally, Vince decided to put her in the championship match at TLC. Although, in all likelihood, she was placed in the match to protect Becky Lynch, who may not be ready to take hard bumps.

It is hard to believe that Asuka turned into that type of talent under Vince’s watch.

7 Triple H – Asuka (Face Of The Women’s Division)

via WWE

Undoubtedly, Triple H would have continued Asuka’s momentum onto the main roster. In truth, Asuka would have likely sustained the unbeaten streak till WrestleMania 35, setting up a huge match against Ronda Rousey, another undefeated talent. This could have been a gigantic bout had The Game taken control of Asuka’s card status. In terms of wrestlers Triple H pushed in the past, nobody got a bigger push than Asuka, staying undefeated throughout her NXT run.

She was the face of the developmental brand and that would have carried over to the main roster had Hunter gotten his way.

6 Vince McMahon – Sasha Banks (Mid-Card Babyface Talent)

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Most fans can agree, Sasha Banks has been kind of underwhelming since joining the main roster. That’s especially true for those that saw her work with NXT.

As we know, the main roster is a different animal. In Vince’s world, Sasha is a mid-card talent at best. For whatever reason, Vince also remains insistent on keeping Banks as a babyface despite her prior success as a heel. According to the rumor mill, a reason for Sasha’s booking might have to do with her numerous injuries from the past. Maybe McMahon doesn’t want to risk putting so much money in a performer that is injury prone.

5 Triple H – Sasha Banks (Upper-Card Heel)

via sportingnews.com

Triple H used every bit of Sasha’s personality with the development over her Boss character. Sasha turned into one of the greatest NXT heels off all-time. Her work on the microphone and aggression in the ring made her a must-see act every single time.

This path would have continued had it been up to Triple H. Sasha would be a top-tier heel feuding with the likes of Ronda Rousey with fans still chanted her name, similar to Becky Lynch. Instead, she has been floating around and teaming up with Bayley in meaningless matches week after week.

4 Vince McMahon – Baron Corbin (Upper-Card Heel)

via WWE

Similar to Elias earlier in the article, McMahon managed to get a lot out of Baron Corbin; a lot more than Triple H. Thanks to Vince’s guidance, Corbin is now a top-tier heel on RAW as the GM on the show.

Vince sees Corbin as a huge star. Let’s not forget, Baron even won the Money in the Bank briefcase, and had it not been for a backstage incident, he might have successfully cashed-in and won the championship. Clearly, McMahon views Corbin as a big time commodity.

3 Triple H – Baron Corbin (Mid-Card Tag Team Heel)

via Chronicle Live

Triple H didn’t see Corbin in the same light. In fact, the heel lost 22 of his final 24 NXT matches according to Pro Fight DB. Those aren’t sparkling numbers. Instead, they are reminiscent to a glorified enhancement talent.

He wasn’t put in the big spots either and when he was, Corbin typically lost. Baron had little microphone time during his NXT run as well. If Triple H was booking, he would be nowhere near his current success and instead, likely a tag team wrestler.

2 Vince McMahon – Ronda Rousey (Upper-Card Babyface)

via WWE

Vince’s take on Ronda Rousey isn’t one all fans agree with. When we thought about Rousey, we pictured this fearless character rarely speaking and just bruising her opponents. No smiling, just devouring opponents.

McMahon thought otherwise. Not only is Rousey cutting her own promos, but she’s also constantly smiling. Cleary, McMahon wants Ronda to be a loved babyface, something most fans might not agree with. This won’t change unless Triple H takes over. We can expect more promos and more smiles from Rousey as long as Vince is in charge. She said it herself, that the boss always tells her to smile.

1 Triple H – Ronda Rousey (Dominant Upper-Card Talent)

via wwe.com

She wouldn’t be a babyface nor would she be a heel. In Triple H’s world, Rousey would destroy opponents without saying much. The Game knows the importance of a manager and that’s well documented with his NXT brand. Wisely, Hunter would choose to put a mouth-piece side-by-side with Rousey, likely someone like Paul Heyman.

Forget about the smiling aspect, Rousey would be similar to Stone Cold Steve Austin, doing her talking in the ring and raising hell all over the place with her actions. The reality however, is a much different one these days.

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