How The XFL Reboot Is Affecting Triple H

As Vince McMahon prepares himself for another kick at the can when it comes to starting a football league, Triple H is finding that his role in WWE is expanding. Already a powerful person behind the scenes, "The Game" is becoming more of an architect with expanded roles in shows like 205 Live, NXT and other forms of the WWE product that Vince will likely have to take a step back from as the XFL occupies a great deal of his time.

On Thursday's WWE earnings call, WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon discussed his plans for the relaunch of the XFL. Mentioning that the $100 million worth of stocks he sold will not be enough to cover rebooting the XFL, McMahon doesn't believe he will be greatly affected by his need to raise new funds but most believe Triple H will continue to do more and more as time goes by.

Speculation is that Triple H is putting his own team together or writers, managers and production specialists and that explains the recent hiring of former production specialist Jeremy Borash.


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This is all great news for WWE fans who have been asking for a long time that Vince take a step back from booking the product. It was always going to take something major to get Vince to give up any control of the WWE. It look so like the XFL and getting it right this time is that something major.

Triple H was also always expected to be the heir apparent to the WWE throne. If that transition is starting to happen now, fans who like "wrestling" are likely in for a treat.

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