Huge News On AJ Styles' Next Feud

With the feud between WWE World Champion AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose coming to an end soon, the question many are asking is; what is the next plan for Styles?

Well, the assumption is that he is going to retain the title against Ambrose and many were expecting him to move onto John Cena when "The Face That Runs the Place" returns. But, not so fast...

Four3Four.com is reporting that after "The Champ That Runs the Camp" ends his feud with Ambrose, the folks behind the scenes have plans for him to start a feud with Randy Orton!

Not only that, but the report is also saying that the WWE is going to book Styles v. Orton for next year's Royal Rumble, which sounds pretty cool to us, especially after Styles named Orton as one of his dream opponents.

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