Huge Plans For WWE's Women's Division Revealed

via wwe.com

It seems the powers that be are taking the women's revolution in WWE seriously. Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been working on ideas to strengthen the division. Stephanie recently came up with the idea to resurrect the Divas Search, but revamp it to focus on in-ring work instead.

We all remember how much of a farce the Divas Search was, as models would come in and compete in challenges that had nothing to do with wrestling, like eating an ice cream cone or playing dodgeball.

Stephanie's idea would be the complete opposite of the old Divas Search and will likely start by the end of 2016. Perhaps this is another opportunity for a WWE Network show, unless the company can find a TV partner.

The idea would be to bring in top female wrestlers from around the world to compete for a WWE contract.

Wait, you mean WWE would have a talent search revolving around in-ring talent? What a novel idea!

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