5 HUGETakeaways From Raw - November 6, 2017

The United Kingdom sector of the WWE Universe is almost always a hot crowd, and as we well know a hot crowd often makes for a great show. That's why you can rest assured when WWE arrived on British shores that at the very least there is going to be a terrific atmosphere. Performing around the British Isles for the past week hasn't slowed down the Raw Superstars either. The red brand put on a terrific show this past Monday night. A debut that hit close to home for the in house fans plus a blockbuster title match made for what was an unmissable Raw.

5. Enhancement Talent Isn't Ready For Asuka

Asuka made her debut on the main roster with a bang a few weeks ago when she defeated Emma at TLC. Then 24 hours later she did it all over again in her first ever match on Raw. Since then Emma has been released and The Empress of Tomorrow has had to make do with local talent on Monday nights. Suffice to say none of them have yet proved to be any trouble for the record-breaking former NXT Women's Champion. This week in the United Kingdom it was the turn of Stacy Coates, and the match did not last long as the Brit fell victim to the Asuka Lock. After the match Alicia Fox announced that Asuka would be joining her and Nia Jax on Team Raw at Survivor Series. Quite the addition by the team captain.


4. The Rules Of Stuff On A Pole Matches Are Ever Changing

This past Monday the rivalry between Elias and Jason Jordan heated up as they did battle in a guitar-on-a-pole match. Putting items on a pole has been a main stay in professional wrestling for decades, and it's still unclear as to how or why they still exist in 2017. What's even more unclear are the rules for the bouts. Prior to this week's one, the last time WWE Superstars fought for something on a pole was when Alexa Bliss and Bayley battled over a kendo stick. In that match it didn't matter who grabbed the stick as both could still use it and the match ended via pinfall or submission. Monday's affair was slightly different. The match didn't come to an end until someone was hit with the guitar. That honor fell to Elias as Jordan grabbed the instrument and broke it over The Drifter's back.


3. The Bruiserweight Has Arrived On Raw

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Enzo Amore cut one hell of a promo on Raw this week, and not in a good way. We all know that the Cruiserweight Champion can talk but on Monday he took that to the next level. Thankfully his Survivor Series opponent Kalisto eventually stepped in and put a stop to Muscles Marinara's tirade. Strangely though the luchador just pulled up a seat at ring side. All would become clear soon after. Turns out Kalisto just wanted a front row seat to the main roster debut of United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne. The Bruiserweight went one-on-one with Amore and delivered a form of punishment that 205 Live's champ will have been previously unfamiliar with. Amore nearly picked up the win despite the beating by using the ropes as leverage for a pin. Luckily Kalisto pointed out Amore's unfair advantage to the referee and while Enzo was distracted Dunne hit him with the Bitter End and picked up the win.



2. Monday Night Raw Currently Has Two Monsters

Sorry Miz, but this was always coming. On Raw this week the Intercontinental Champion was forced to face off against a returning Braun Strowman. The A-Lister reluctantly made his way to the ring flanked by Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel who was wearing a neck brace after the beating he suffered from Strowman last week. After trying to avoid the inevitable for as long as possible, Miz finally got in the ring and began to take his well-deserved lumps from The Monster Among Men. Eventually the punishment was brought to an end when Kane entered the fray. Not many men can look Strowman in the eye but The Big Red Machine is one of them. This made for a much more even fight and although Strowman managed to hit Kane with a power slam, the older of the two monsters still managed to sit straight back up. Advantage Strowman, but only ever so slightly.

1. New Day Provide An Assist For The Bar

Arguably the most anticipated match at Survivor Series was going to be The Usos versus Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Well tough luck WWE Universe because now that match will not be happening. We were warned that titles could change hands and thus alter the matches at Survivor Series, and on Raw this week that happened. It wasn't as simple as The Shield just losing though. No, towards the end of the match some unwelcome guests arrived in the arena, SmackDown Live's New Day. As the trio cut a scathing promo on Raw, the show's GM Kurt Angle gathered his roster and prepared for the show to be once again placed under siege. It didn't happen though and turns out New Day had come alone. Once Sheamus realized that he capitalized on the distraction and continued the match, attacking Rollins and pinning him to pick up the win and the Tag Team Titles for himself and Cesaro.


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