5 Huge Takeaways from Raw - The Shield Is Back

On Sunday night at Survivor Series, Raw and SmackDown Live will go head to head for the one night of the year that they do so. That means Monday night's Raw was the go-home show and WWE proved that there was still a fair few ways that they could shake things up. We finally got the in-ring return of The Shield, another match was officially added to the Survivor Series card, and we even bore witness to a huge return. It probably wasn't the return you were expecting though.

5. Reigns Is The Only One Allowed To Talk Back To Stephanie

Stephanie McMahon opened up proceedings on Raw this week, and once again she was not too pleased with how Kurt Angle has been running her show. The commissioner did warn her General Manager that he needed to get the SmackDown Live situation under control, but in her eyes things have only gotten worse. In fact Stephanie acted as if she was about to fire Angle but luckily The Shield intervened. With Roman Reigns back in their ranks, The Hounds of Justice made their way to the ring and backed Angle, claiming him to be the best leader they've had. Stephanie actually had some choice words for Reigns in particular, but he countered with an even better response. Not many people are afforded the opportunity to get the last word in on Stephanie but Reigns did so on Monday. The Big Dog reminded the commissioner of when she got put through a table by her husband at WrestleMania and then ended the segment by challenging New Day to a Survivor Series match.


4. Kane Doesn't Measure Up To Big Show

Sporadically throughout 2017 we have witnessed Braun Strowman and Big Show demonstrate that big men can put on great matches too. Well in Raw's main event this week, Kane was given the opportunity to prove that he can do the very same thing with The Monster Among Men. Well simply put, he didn't. In his defense though, what happened on Raw between him and Strowman this week technically wasn't a match as it never officially began. Instead the two behemoths battled around ring side using whatever they could get their hands on. The non-match and the show came to an end when Strowman delivered a running powerslam to The Big Red Machine that wound up breaking the ring. A slightly anti-climactic end to the evening truth be told.

 3. The Shield Are Back

Thanks to Reigns' illness, The Shield's in-ring reunion has been an awfully long time coming. On Monday night it finally happened though as The Hounds of Justice took on The Miz and The Bar as a warm-up for their clash with the New Day at Survivor Series. It wasn't as easy a match as you might have thought it would be for Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose though, especially when The Miz ran away for a brief period halfway through the match. He returned though, but will likely wish that he hadn't. It was the A-Lister who was left alone in the ring with all three members of The Shield. A spear and a triple powerbomb later and it was all over for Miz and The Bar.

2. The Rumors Were Not True

The first match on Monday night was a triple threat to determine who the fifth member of the Raw women's team would be at Survivor Series this coming Sunday. Mickie James, Dana Brooke and Bayley were the three women given the chance to fill that spot, and it was Raw's Resident Hugger that wound up winning out by pinning James. That's all well and good but the rumor mill had been working over time at the weekend and some fans were expecting a little more from that match in the form of a returning Paige. The two-time Divas Champion was supposedly going to be making the match a Fatal Four Way at the last second and was even spotted entering the building earlier in the day by some eagle eyed fans. No such luck though and the match remained a three way.


1. Survivor Series Gets Another Shake Up

@tripleh is now the 5th and final member of #TeamRaw. #SurvivorSeries

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Stephanie McMahon wasn't too impressed with Kurt Angle including his own son on Team Raw. To prove he made the right decision, the GM put his on-screen son in a match with a returning Bray Wyatt on Monday night and would you believe it, Jordan won! Wyatt cut Jordan's celebrations short though by attacking him after the match to the point that he needed to be helped back stage. Unfortunately Angle had no choice but to cut his on-screen son from his show's Survivor Series team, but couldn't bring himself to do it after Jordan pleaded with him not to. Enter a man who had no problem delivering the bad news, Triple H. That wasn't the only thing he had a problem delivering either as he also hit the injured Jordan with a pedigree. That was only after he revealed Jordan's replacement for Survivor Series...himself.


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