5 HUGE Takeaways From SmackDown Live- The US Title Tournament

This week's SmackDown Live may not have had the challenge or the uniqueness of being broadcast live on Christmas Day, but it was a holiday edition of the show nonetheless. Plus it took place in the famous Allstate Arena just as Raw did 24 hours prior. The Christmas edition of the red brand turned out to be pretty newsworthy considering the date. Could SmackDown Live measure up though? You'll have to read on to find out.

5. The WWE Universe Doesn't Want Benjamin And Gable

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Daniel Bryan opened the Boxing Day edition of SmackDown Live by addressing the United States Title issue, but more on that a little later. The second topic brought up revolved around the blue brand's tag team division as Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable questioned the GM as to why they're yet to receive a two on two match with The Usos for the titles—leading to a huge takeaway on SmackDown Live. Aiden English and Rusev closely followed by The New Day all made their pitches and Bryan had a simple solution. All three teams compete there and then in a number one contenders match. The raucous crowd wanted one team and one team only to win the match, and they indicated that by vociferously chanting Rusev Day. They didn't get their wish though as once again Benjamin and Gable are the number one contenders to Jimmy and Jey.


4. Breezango Doesn't Want All These Rematches

At Clash Of Champions Breezango competed against The Bludgeon Brothers. Fandango was the one who requested the bout, and he was probably regretting that decision soon after the bell rang. Despite being squashed, The Fashion Police found themselves across the ring from Harper and Rowan for a second time this week. The match was going very much the same way as the first one, that was until The Ascension came to their rescue. What was a friendly act quickly became a misguided one. The big SmackDown Live takeaway here is that once they were backstage, Konnor and Viktor declared on behalf of the men they had just saved that Breeze and 'Dango want another rematch against The Bludgeon Brothers next week. Naturally the beaten down comedic duo didn't look too happy about it.


3. Natalya Doesn't Know Who She's Supposed To Like

The Riott Squad suffered a little bit of a wobble on last week's SmackDown Live. Well, consider that wobble remedied this week. Not only did Ruby Riott pick up a quick win over Naomi, but they also laid waste to Charlotte Flair when she came to help her fallen friend. That's when the rest of the blue brand's women came to help out and not only even out the numbers but even with Flair and Naomi down, it was still four on three with The Riott Squad at the numbers disadvantage. The trio managed to escape with minimal damage, but what's confusing is exactly where Natalya's loyalties lie in all of this. One week she's backing The Riott Squad in hope that they'll help her win the Women's Championship back, then this week she led Lana, Tamina, and Carmella to the ring. Not only is it confusing but it makes those Nattie is siding with look pretty foolish.


2. The United States Title Has Been Vacated

Dolph Ziggler left his newly won United States Championship in the middle of the ring last week and nothing was really explained. Well, that was the very first thing Daniel Bryan addressed this week. The GM announced that the title was indeed vacant and therefore an eight-man tournament will be taking place in order to crown a new champion. The first two matches of said tournament took place later that night. First up, Bobby Roode took on former US Champion, Baron Corbin. The Lone Wolf looked to have the momentum only to be rolled up by The Glorious One for a shock win. Later in the evening, Jinder Mahal took on Tye Dillinger for the chance to advance in the tournament. This one was never really in any doubt and The Modern Day Maharajah is now one step closer to holding the US Title.


1. That's Not How Shane Pictured Things Going Down

AJ Styles versus Kevin Owens is a main event anywhere in the world. Lucky for us it was the main event on SmackDown Live this week. Shane McMahon understandably had an issue with Sami Zayn not being banned from ringside for the match by Daniel Bryan, and when it looked as if The Underdog was going to get involved Shane-O Mac made his way to the ring. The commissioner ordered the referee to send Zayn to the locker room and while that was happening, Styles rolled up Owens for what would have been a three count. Thanks to the official being distracted there was no count, and by the time the referee's focus returned to the men in the ring it was Styles being rolled up. The ref counted three and KO picked up a win over the WWE Champion. That normally equals a title shot for the victor if we're not mistaken.


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