Huge Takeaways From SmackDown Live- Another Loss On Rusev Day

The Superstars on Raw are busy building to their last stop on the road to Wrestle Mania, Elimination Chamber. Well, their brothers and sisters on the blue brand have a similar task as they begin to gain momentum so that they can get into the Fastlane. The main event at that pay-per-view will be a WWE Championship match, about that would be set on this week's SmackDown Live. Throw in a US Title match and whatever else WWE had planned and this show was always going to have a fair few talking points.

5. The Daniel Bryan Tease Continues

It has been two years now since Daniel Bryan was forced to retire from in-ring competition, yet the angle he has been embroiled in for months now makes a WWE comeback seem more likely than ever. The SmackDown Live General Manager seems to be siding with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, whether that be inadvertently or not, which means he continues to butt heads with the blue brand's commissioner Shane McMahon. This week, the two once again discussed their issues at the top of the show, and it felt like Shane-O Mac was testing the waters for a potential in-ring return for Bryan. McMahon stated his colleague's desire to return to the ring and then paused for the inevitable positive crowd reaction. He then followed up by saying that's why the GM has been living vicariously through Owens and Zayn.


4. It's A Numbers Game For Charlotte Flair

Last week on SmackDown Live, Charlotte Flair was defeated by the numbers game. All three members of The Riott Squad beat down the blue brand's Women's Champion and put the boots to her. This week, Flair got the chance at some revenge as she went one on one with Liv Morgan. To start though, the odds were once again stacked against her. Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan were at ringside and continually got involved in the action. That was until the referee sent them both to the back. Then, it was time for Flair to supply the numbers. The one that got her the win? Eight. The five-time Women's Champion applied the figure eight to Morgan forcing her to tap. She then informed the announce team "one down, two to go."


3. The Bludgeon Brothers And The Usos Will Clash

The Bludgeon Brothers are impressive but they are yet to be given anything of real substance since returning under their new moniker. In fact, the only thing they have had in the form of a rivalry is the few weeks that they beat down Breezango and The Ascension over and over again. That may be all about to change though. For the second week in a row now, Harper and Rowan crossed paths with SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos on the entrance way. Nothing has gotten out of hand between the two teams yet, but the seeds are very much being sown.


2. Another Unhappy Rusev Day

Whether Rusev is in the ring or not, throughout SmackDown Live the WWE Universe will sporadically chant Rusev Day. They even did it during the opening segment involving the commissioner and the general manager to which Shane McMahon commented that their chants had been duly noted. Later in the evening, fans got a proper chance to celebrate Rusev Day as The Bulgarian Brute took on Bobby Roode for the United States Title. The Rusev Day celebrations would not carry on long into the night however as The Glorious One managed to defeat his challenger. It seems that a new competitor has his eyes on the U.S, Title, however. Randy Orton entered the fray after the matches and delivered RKOs out of nowhere to everyone left in the ring at the time.


1. Owens and Zayn's Match Ends In Anarchy

It's a match that we have seen time and time again, both in WWE and out of it, yet we will never tire of it. Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn. A lot was on the line in this latest chapter between the two as the winner would go on to face AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Fastlane. It's probably the last thing the two of them would have wanted since they are supposed to be best friends at the moment. Well, that may remain the situation considering the ending on Tuesday night. A hyped up Zayn confronted Styles who was watching on from the announce booth and antagonized him so much that he punched The Underdog in the face. Owens ran in for the save and got a few punches for his troubles too. That meant the match ended in a draw which left Daniel Bryan with only one option, to make the WWE Title match at Fastlane a triple threat.


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Huge Takeaways From SmackDown Live- Another Loss On Rusev Day