Huge WWE Star Takes A Shot At The Outgoing Wade Barrett!!

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Over the last 24 hours, reports have broken about Wade Barrett's desire to leave the WWE at the end of his contract and Wade Barrett responded generically, which you can read all about here.

While no one from the WWE has (officially) responded yet, a couple of superstars have chimed in on social media, though in different ways.

Ryback responded playfully, posting this tweet:

On the other hand, Randy Orton posted this:

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Orton posted a video of a match he had with Wade Barrett and wrote that he's a coward. However, here's the really interesting part. While most WWE stars have control of their Twitter page, a lot of them allow their FB page to be controlled by WWE. A recent example of this is Finn Balor, who posted this on Twitter:

So, did Randy Orton or someone from the WWE throw a shot at Wade Barrett?

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