Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake Get Into Nasty Twitter War

The former best friends and two ex-WWE Superstars many fans thought were real-life brothers seem to be anything but close these days. Hulk Hogan and Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake are at each other's throats on Twitter in what looks to be a battle over the fact that Hogan is close to Beefcake's ex-wife and daughter. How close we don't know, but close enough that Beefcake isn't taking kindly to it.

In what started as a seemingly harmless tweet about Hogan potentially shaving his head, Beefcake took the opportunity to make a remark telling the world he'd offer to shave Hogan's head, but because Hogan won't come anywhere near him or leave the side of his ex-wife, he won't get an opportunity.

From there, things got ugly in a hurry. Beefcake went on to tell everyone that he was writing a tell-all book and insinuated that a good portion of that book was about Hogan and his past, how he treated Beefcake—and likely many other stars in the WWE—at the time Hogan was at the height of his popularity.

Everyone is aware that Hogan is not one of those people who will let things being said about him to go uncontested, he encouraged Beefcake to go right ahead and write whatever he's going to write, but he better have a good lawyer ready.


The tweets go on and on with the inclusion of both former stars threatening to get lawyers involved and taking shots at each other. Hogan called Beefcake a follower and Beefcake mocked Hogan for considering himself to be too good for everyone. Beefcake's ex-wife got involved and called The Barber an absentee father who assumed the worst but had no real idea of what was going on between her and Hogan. Beefcake called it a blatant lie and more lawyers were threatened.

The entire ordeal appears to be an emotional mess over jealousy and it's like two school kids bickering over one woman. One thing is for certain, it's been fantastic marketing for Beefcake's book, and we're probably not going to hear the end of this.

The unfortunate part here is that a little girl is caught up in all this fighting. The right thing to do would be to consider her feelings first and act like adults trying to set a good example. Clearly, everyone is well past that stage.


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