Hulk Hogan Came Very Close To Joining The Bullet Club

Apparently, the rumors that Hulk Hogan was going to join the Bullet Club were more than just that and actual negotiations took place.

Over the past six months or so, Hulk Hogan has made no attempts to hide the fact that he would love to return to professional wrestling in some way. There was talk that The Hulkster was going to return to WWE this past Monday for Raw's 25th-anniversary, but that didn't happen. Hogan tweeted during the show that having to watch the show at home was not an easy task.


The Immortal One clearly doesn't mind the comeback being with another wrestling company either. Last year, Hogan was asked if he would like to join The Bullet Club and he responded that he would love to. Shortly after that, The Young Bucks talked about their desire to walk down the ramp with The Hulkster for their Wrestle Kingdom match.

Wrestle Kingdom has now come and gone, and obviously, that didn't happen. What's interesting though is apparently there were legitimate negotiations between the two parties. The Wrestling Observer recently reported the news but unfortunately, there were a number of hang-ups that prevented a deal from being done that would have seen Hogan appear with The Bucks in New Japan.

How much money Hogan wanted for the appearance was apparently the biggest issue that saw the deal break down. On top of that though, was the worry that as soon as WWE came calling Hogan would be straight out the door and back to where he really wants to be. Hogan was in a similar situation with TNA all the way back in 2003. It was teased that he was going to debut for the company and instead, in 2005 he returned to WWE. It wasn't until later in 2009 that Hogan eventually joined up with TNA.

Wrestle Kingdom 12 was a massive event with the Alpha vs Omega match, but imagine how newsworthy the event would have been had it included an appearance from Hulk Hogan as well. The former WWE Champion seems dead set on getting back into the world of pro wrestling one way or another, but if he wants to do that, he may need to lower his asking price.


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Hulk Hogan Came Very Close To Joining The Bullet Club