Hulk Hogan 'Wants More Money Than He's Worth' To Appear In NJPW

The Bullet Club has been the biggest thing in professional wrestling outside of WWE for a number of years now. The leader and the members may change but the brand and its popularity remains the same and continues to grow stronger. The faction is a large part of New Japan Pro Wrestling and a big factor behind the company's increased popularity outside of Japan.

Heading into Wrestle Kingdom 12 earlier this year certain members of the Bullet Club joked about bringing in big names to accompany them to the ring for their matches. Marty Scurll hinted at Stone Cold representing his corner while The Young Bucks joked about Hulk Hogan being with them, only apparently the Hogan comments were more than just a joke.

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According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer there have been talks between Hogan and New Japan and unfortunately the idea proved not to be cost effective. Meltzer believes that The Hulkster 'wants more money than he's worth at this stage of the game'. The established wrestling journalist also said that Hogan is such a larger than life character that he would overshadow other members of the Bullet Club and perhaps even other top stars in New Japan.

Money may not be the only issue why a deal between Hogan and NJPW fell through. The former WWE Champion has proved in the past that when the company where he made a name for himself comes calling he is willing to drop everything. In 2003 Hogan shot an angle with Jeff Jarrett that was meant to lead to him signing with TNA. Instead WWE came calling and he returned to the side of Vince McMahon. New Japan wouldn't want the same happening to them.


It seems that the potential cons outweigh the pros when it comes to Hulk Hogan joining New Japan and the Bullet Club. Signing him to a lucrative contract just so that he can return to WWE would be a waste of everybody's time. Hogan has made it abundantly clear on multiple occasions that he wants back into the wrestling business, but it seems he will have to find a different way in than through NJPW.

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