Hulk Hogan Reacts To Paige's WWE Return

You wouldn't think at first glance that Hulk Hogan should be keen to provide advice to current WWE Superstars, but that didn't stop him from doing just that with Paige. This is a man who got himself released from this contract, is currently feuding with his former best friend in Brutus Beefcake (in a very ugly legal book issue) and is trying to get himself back in the public eye and not having much luck. Yet, Hogan seems keen to lending his helpful words of wisdom to WWE Superstars.

His latest post was directed at Paige, who on Monday night, returned to Raw after an extended absence. Her return was widely expected and the WWE Universe was excited to see her back but, in some respects, it felt like Paige was taking extra time to pander to the crowd and she didn't come back alone.

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Bringing two other women with her, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose were called up from NXT and together, the three women attacked the Raw Women's Division, making a statement of epic proportions. At this time, no one is really sure what that statement is supposed to mean but most believe the group will be heels in the WWE moving forward.

Someone who knows an awful lot about being a heel is Hulk Hogan. He was able to successfully turn one of the most popular babyface gimmicks of all time into the "Hollywood Hogan" character and make millions of people hate him all while lending his talents to one of the most popular factions of all time— the NWO.

Hogan tweeted the following:

Paige should be just fine on her own as she has plenty of experience to draw from over a long tenure as a WWE performer. If she wants to do anything, perhaps it's to use Hulk Hogan as an example of what not to do. Hogan hasn't exactly helped himself outside the ring and Paige is looking to rebound from a year or so of pretty ugly outside WWE misfortunes.


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