Hulk Hogan Reacts To Vince McMahon Bleeding On SmackDown Live

Last night on SmackDown Live, there were some big matches, championship belts changed hands and there were some bad constipation jokes. But what everyone was waiting for was the arrival of Vince McMahon who hadn't been seen at a SmackDown show in four years. Although last time he was at SmackDown he didn't leave beaten and bloody.

Which brings us to the last 10 to 15 minutes of SmackDown Live last night. Mr. McMahon strutted down the ramp to confront Kevin Owens about the events of the previous week and announce a Hell in a Cell match between KO and  Shane McMahon.

Owens got angrier and angrier as the promo went on, and in a fit of rage, he head-butted Mr. McMahon, sending Vince to the ground with a bleeding forehead. The beatdown continued for the next few minutes. And the whole promo had people talking during, and after, the segment. Including The Hulkster himself, who sent out a trio of tweets this morning praising McMahon:


It definitely was a great segment and Vince McMahon certainly played his part perfectly. The cynics among us might view Hogan's tweets as trying to suck up to his former boss as a way to maybe make his way back into the good graces of the WWE, but even if that's the case, his opinion is right on the money.

Vince showed up this week because things between his son Shane and Superstar Kevin Owens got out of control. The two's tension for the last couple months boiled over when Owens insulted Shane's family and brought up his kids (saying they would have been better off had Shane died in his recent helicopter crash). Well, that was crossing a line for Shane and he attacked Owens and beat him from the ring to the announcer's table.

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