10 Ridiculous Ways Hulk Hogan Wasted Money

The Immortal One, Hulk Hogan, may very well be one of the biggest WWE Superstars of all time with a reported net worth of $25 million, but that doesn't mean he has always been sensible with his cash.

Had Hogan been a little more careful with his cash, the chances are his net worth would be far higher than what it is, with the WWE Hall Of Famer not being well known for his ability to save his money.

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Throughout his life, Hogan has made some major purchases on some ridiculous things, with Hogan wasting a lot of his money, and within this list, we will rank 10 ways he wasted his cash.

10 His Boat

Of course, he has a boat. When you think of major celebrities, people often think of fancy cars, mansions, and boats, and as this list will prove, they are all stereotypes that the Hulkster does fall into.

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Hulk Hogan lives by the water, something that he has done throughout his career since he became a top star, so it makes sense that he would own a boat, but it is certainly something he has splashed the cash on.

Hogan has owned several boats in his time, but his most recent purchase, which he has named Groot, often hosts friends on as they travel around on the water.

9 Dodge Demon

As we previously mentioned, cars and mansions, with Hulk Hogan ticking that box again with the Dodge Demon, which he had made specifically made for him, with extra details and his name placed in various places inside of it.

This is certainly Hogan's favorite car in his particular collection, which he has often raved about on social media, proving how much he loves it, even if it did cost him a fortune to buy.

Hogan added some extra mods to the interior and exterior and even beefed up the engine of this motor in order to make it even more powerful, so don't expect him to be selling it any time soon.

8 NWO Motorcycle

Fans of WCW will certainly remember this one, as back in the 1990s, Hulk Hogan fully committed to his gimmick and purchased a motorcycle, getting it personalized with NWO colors painted onto it.

Hogan is a known motorcycle fan, which is something he has spent plenty of money on over the years, and his NWO motorcycle is certainly one of the coolest, to his credit, even if it cost plenty.

While Hogan doesn't use the motorcycle anymore to ride, he does still own the bike and has it outside his Florida beach shop as a photo opportunity for fans to enjoy.

7 Clothes

Everybody needs clothes, that is just a natural part of life, and celebrities are obviously always going to be more inclined to purchase expensive items that are branded and designer, simply because they can afford it.

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However, when you actually cannot afford it on a regular basis, that is when you should stop, which Hulk Hogan did not when he started experiencing financial troubles, continuing to buy expensive items.

His divorce papers to Linda Bollea revealed that he spent a whopping $7,000 each month on clothes, ensuring he always had new gear, although it is unknown how much of the money went on his classic bandanas.

6 Talk Show Mistake

Wrestlers appearing on talk shows isn't something surprising, but wrestlers getting physical and actually knocking out the host is something that you seldom see, and with good reason.

Before the first WrestleMania, Mr. T and Hulk Hogan appeared on the Hot Properties talk show to promote the show, where the host, Richard Belzer pushed for Hogan to perform a move on him.

Hogan eventually agreed, with a front-chin lock that ended up knocking out Belzer, who of course decided to place a $5 million lawsuit against him, which was eventually settled outside of court, costing Hogan plenty, although less than the $5 million Belzer hoped for.

5 Custom Dodge Viper

Every celebrity loves to have a fast car and Hulk Hogan is no exception to that rule, with the WWE Hall Of Famer, who will be appearing at the upcoming WWE Crown Jewel show, owning a fantastic collection of vehicles.

Out of the variety of cars that Hogan owns, his 1994 custom Dodge Viper is the highlight, which certainly didn't come cheaply, but the Viper is an incredibly powerful and impressive car.

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While you might not see many Dodge Viper's around, mainly due to their cost, you would certainly notice Hogan's, which was custom painted in his traditional colors with his logo placed on the front.

4 Jewellery

The former WWE Champion reportedly spent $1,700 on jewelry every single month, which tots up to quite a lot of money when it comes to yearly spending for a variety of different items.

Whether it be watches, rings, or necklaces, the Hulkster always tends to have some form of bling on him when he makes appearances, but that has certainly come at a cost for him.

3 Florida Mansion

Florida is a location that a whole bunch of wrestlers tend to live, especially now that the WWE Performance Center is located there, but that was the case even from before then, with Hulk Hogan having an incredibly expensive property in the Sunshine State.

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Hogan spent a fortune on this particular location, which offered up countless bedrooms and a fantastic swimming pool, where Hogan would often welcome family and friends as guests.

However, when his financial troubles became incredibly serious, Hogan was forced to sell the property, although he had to slash the price by $16 million in order to finally get rid of it.

2 Maid Service

Another of Hulk Hogan's regular costs that were revealed was what he would spend on maid services to clean his properties each month, with the WWE legend spending $7,500 every single month.

While Hogan, much like everyone else, obviously wants to have a clean home, the fact he spent quite so much on maids to clean is quite staggering, which is why it ranks so highly on this list.

When Hogan was struggling with his finances, this was likely a regular cost that he certainly could not afford, but it seems like he has managed to get that under control now.

1 New Florida Mansion

Hulk Hogan may have eventually been able to sell his old Florida property for the knocked down price of $6.2 million, despite the property costing him much more, as we addressed earlier, that doesn't mean he stayed out of the real estate game.

Hogan eventually purchased a brand new mansion, and once again it was in Florida that he chose to live, picking up a 5,000 square foot mansion that looks out of the gulf coast in Clearview.

The property even comes fitted with its own elevator, just in case you don't fancy the stairs, and has two spas and a swimming pool which he shares with his new wife, Jennifer.

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