Hulk Hogan Says He Was The First To Notice Kevin Owens

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Hulk Hogan recently participated in an interview with Radio Yorkshire for promoting his Sheffield Arena show coming soon. The topic of current WWE Superstar and WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens came up. He commented on Owens stating that he was the first person to point the finger at Owens calling him “The One”. He witnessed Owens’ second NXT match, ever. He thought Owens was doing everything the “Old School” way, and that more importantly Owens new how to garner heat from the crowd. He also commented on Owens’ looks, as it is clear he does not resemble a typical WWE Superstar. Below is his entire comments:

I hate to brag about it but I’m the first one to point the finger at Kevin Owens. I saw him on NXT, like his second match, and saw him just chop, beat, grind and beating his guy down. Doing it the old school way and really understanding how to get heat. Doing it the old school way and I said, “That’s the guy.” I said, “That’s the guy.” I don’t care if he looks like a wrestler or looks like an ice cream salesman. I don’t care. That’s the guy.

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