Hulk Hogan Shares His Thoughts On Raw 25 And Not Being There

Hulk Hogan admitted that having to watch Raw's 25th anniversary from his home rather than being there in person was 'very hard'.

Raw's 25th anniversary was absolutely crammed with big names from top to bottom. Stone Cold opened the show with Vince McMahon, D-Generation X shared a special moment with the Balor Club, plus it feels like everyone from the the mid-card over the past 25 years was crammed around a poker table in the APA's office.


There were still some names that were left off of the guest list though. One notable absence was Lita. Many of WWE's past females were present on the show but nothing from the Hall of Famer and multiple time Women's Champion. Plus if Lita's Twitter is anything to go by she wasn't even invited to the event. Another former star who wasn't invited was Hulk Hogan despite rumors that The Immortal One may have been there.


Every time it's WrestleMania season or WWE is having a big event. rumors begin to circulate that The Hulkster will be getting that call. Sometimes Hogan even fuels those rumors himself. He was not invited to Raw 25 though and it hit the former WWE Champion hard. Hogan tweeted that it was 'very hard sitting at home' for the show but did admit he 'really enjoyed seeing it all'.

There are a litany of examples of former WWE Superstars somehow rebuilding their relationships with WWE after it really did seem like there was no coming back such as Bret Hart and the Ultimate Warrior. After what Hulk Hogan did and said, considering the image he projected for the company and the one they're trying to give off now, it really is hard to imagine that he will ever appear on live WWE television ever again.

There are likely fans that believe enough time has passed since WWE cut ties with The Hulkster that he can now be welcomed back into the fold. The comments that got him into this situation though are unforgivable and ones that have been far from forgotten. What's for certain though is that Hogan desperately wants back in to the world of pro wrestling and he will continue to lobby for that opportunity until it happens.

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Hulk Hogan Shares His Thoughts On Raw 25 And Not Being There