Hulk Hogan Has Not Ruled Out A Return To Pro Wrestling

It would seem that if the fans want it, then even at the age of 64 Hulk Hogan is still looking to get back into the business of pro wrestling.

Hulk Hogan is the single most recognizable name to have ever emerged from the wrestling business. The Rock is certainly doing his level best to change that, and one day John Cena may even hold that accolade, but for now, pro wrestling's greatest export is The Hulkster. The Immortal One was the hood ornament of WWE at a time where it felt like everybody was a wrestling fan, and Hogan had a lot to do with that.

In recent years though, the man who was once regarded as an American hero has somewhat sullied his once good name. First, a sex tape of Hulk found its way on to the internet, something Hogan has since made a lot of money from after suing Gawker. Then, The Hulkster was recorded making some extremely racist comments regarding who his daughter could and couldn't date. Those comments were seemingly the final straw for Hulk's association with wrestling, but clearly, he hasn't given up hope.


Last week, Hogan recorded and released a Q&A session via his YouTube page, fielding what were mainly pretty mundane questions from fans. Right at the end of the video though The Hulkster cut a high energy promo, asking viewers a number of questions about what they would like to see him do next in terms of his wrestling career. He asked if fans would like to see him involved in the business once again, stay out of it, or 'tear the business apart'.


When the racially charged comments from Hogan first came to light, WWE quite rightly cut all ties with their former champion. As they would quickly discover, however, it's not easy to delete someone as significant as Hogan from your entire history. Slowly but surely, The Hulkster has been creeping back onto WWE television in the form of old clips being used in ads and such.

WWE may use the footage they already have of Hogan to help sell certain aspects of the WWE Network, but that's still a long way from inviting him back into the fold. There were expectations that he may pop up at WrestleMania 33, but that was obviously not the case. It's down to the fans really, and at this point, it's unclear how many of them would actually want to see Hulk Hogan back in a WWE ring ever again.

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