Racist Tirade Won't Stop Hulk Hogan's WWE Return

Hulk Hogan's son Nick hints that a WWE return could be on the cards for his father, and the travel is the only thing that's off-putting for The Hulkster.

Throughout WWE's history, there have been more broken relationships between the company and its former Superstars than you could possibly count. From lawsuits to shoot interviews to extremely personal beefs, there has been a number of issues that drove a wedge between wrestlers and Vince McMahon. Yet, no matter what it is that has driven them apart, the relationships are almost always patched up eventually.

Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, Bruno Sammartino, just a few names whose ties with WWE seemed severed forever. Yet here we are in 2017, and all three of those men are now deservedly in the company's Hall of Fame. One man who most believe to be extradited from WWE forever is Hulk Hogan. Now though, it seems even The Immortal One could find his way back into the company's good books.


TMZ recently caught up with Hulk's son Nick, and he seems to think that the door to WWE is not necessarily closed for good for his father. Although he couldn't say too much, he did imply that we may see The Hulkster in WWE again one day. Nick explained that the only part of the business his dad probably couldn't keep up with in the present day is the travel aspect. Despite Hulk being 64 though, his son still believes that he could "beat somebody's ass."

Via Forbes

These comments from Nick Hogan have only added more fuel to the fire that we can expect to see Hulk back in WWE sometime soon. The company has started using the Hall of Famer in video packages again, albeit very briefly, and his daughter Brooke has also hinted that he could one day be welcomed back into the fold. What's more is The Hulkster even asked fans during a Q&A a couple of months ago if they would like to see him more involved in the wrestling business once again.



What can't be forgotten is why exactly Hogan has been pretty much scrubbed from WWE's history. The former WWE Champion was taped saying some unforgivably racist comments in relation to who he believed could and couldn't date his daughter. Most fans are probably of the belief that those kinds of comments cannot merely be forgotten if WWE shares those beliefs or not remains to be seen, only time will tell.

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