Hulk Hogan Shoots On Being Fired By WWE

Will we ever be seeing Hulkamania run wild on the WWE again? Due to his uncalled-for use of the “N-word” and a sex tape that leaked out in 2015, we don’t know if we will ever see Hulk Hogan back in a WWE ring. To date, he hasn’t said much about the topic of his 2015 firing over those comments, but on Sunday’s episode of the FOX News program OBJECTified, we’ll be watching the Hulkster address that firing on national television.

Fox News sent an exclusive preview clip of this week’s OBJECTified to Wrestling Inc., and the publication extensively quoted Hogan, who talked on the clip about how he dealt with WWE’s reaction to the leaked audio from two years ago. According to Hogan, he called WWE upon realizing that the company got wind of the racist remarks he made close to a decade prior to their leaking out. But he wasn’t expecting to be fired the morning after he spoke to his then-employes over the phone.


"It really caught me off guard,” said Hogan. “I didn't expect it because the WWE knows who I am. I'm not that person, that's not who I am and that's not what I do."

Hogan added that he believes it was “best for business” that WWE virtually scrubbed his name from their records and removed his merchandise from their store following his firing. He believes that WWE may have been concerned about losing sponsors and advertising for the WWE Network. While he understands the business implications of such a move, he added that it “hit [him] hard” that WWE would undo his legacy over the remarks he made about the African-American man his daughter Brooke was dating back then.



According to Hogan, he isn’t sure whether WWE would want to hire him back after the racist leak fiasco, but the OBJECTified preview clip did not include his response to the question of whether he’d return to WWE if he was invited back. Wrestling Inc. also noted that the full episode will include the Hulkster discussing the health issues he’s currently dealing with, as well as the “highs and lows” of a wrestling career that’s spanned over four decades.

Hulk Hogan saying that he didn’t expect to be fired because WWE “knows who he is” sounds like a classic case of the Hulkster at his most self-serving. Sure, we can get that he isn’t a racist by nature and that he said those vile things because he was upset at the time, and maybe WWE went too far by scrubbing him from their history books. But not being a racist by nature does not absolve one of being punished for making racist remarks. We won’t be surprised if Hogan does return to the WWE at some point in the future, but to paraphrase someone who commented on Wrestling Inc.’s report, it’s going to be hard to look at Hogan in the same way again, despite his rightful status as an icon of the wrestling business.

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