Hulk Hogan Recently Spotted At Gym With WWE Trainer

Hulk Hogan has been rumored to join the WWE for the better part of the past 18 months, and yet another hint has surfaced that he could return to the company once again.

The wrestling icon went from hero to zero in 2015, after an audio tape of him using racial slurs was leaked to the public. WWE immediately responded by terminating his legends contract while removing all Hogan merchandise and mentions on their website, trying to distance themselves from the legend.

Hogan's firing occurred nearly three years ago, and there has been plenty of speculation about the WWE making amends and bringing him back once again. For what it's worth, Hogan was seen at a gym with NXT trainer, Steve Corino:

Corino—a former star in ECW and Ring of Honor—joined the WWE in 2016 as a trainer at the company's Performance Center. Does working out with Hogan here mean that a reunion is in store?


One interesting note to think about: Former WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs was fired after posting a photo with the Bullet Club on his Instagram page. Corino would have wanted to think twice about posting this photo if WWE was actually trying to stay away from Hogan.

Hogan is now 64 years of age and is unlikely to wrestle again. Speculation is that if he were to rejoin WWE, it would be in an ambassador role — or possibly under the legends contract once again.

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He and Vince McMahon had a strained relationship during their working time together, which was well-documented. Hogan left the company under bitter circumstances multiple times, and nearly put the WWF out of business in the '90s when he joined the rival WCW promotion.

But Triple H has admitted that he would be open to a Hogan return and that he could "absolutely," see him making peace with the fans he let down. Last month, Jim Ross said he believes "there's a ticket," for Hogan to return.

WrestleMania 34 is only three months away, and that could provide the ultimate opportunity for a return of Hulkamania. If not, it's anybody's guess if there ever will be one more leg drop, brother.


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