Hype Bros FINALLY Break Up On SmackDown Live

SmackDown Live's tag team division just got a little smaller as one team imploded this week.

WWE has been teasing the break up of The Hype Bros for a while now and on Tuesday night they finally pulled the trigger.

WWE has very much been in the business of breaking up tag teams in 2017. They released Simon Gotch thus bringing an end to The Vaudevillains, ran an angle that wound up pitting R-Truth and Goldust against one another, and of course split up Enzo and Cass over the summer. The latest casualty of WWE's year of breakups were The Hype Bros on this week's SmackDown Live.

This one probably won't have come as a surprise to many fans and has actually been on the cards for a while. Way back before Hell In A Cell when Zack Ryder returned from his long-term injury, cracks were beginning to show between him and Mojo Rawley. It actually seemed like WWE maybe forgot that they were supposed to break them up and all of a sudden remembered that was what they were once building to.


For the second week in a row, The Hype Bros were given the chance to prove themselves against the newly introduced Bludgeon Brothers. Unfortunately for Ryder and Rawley though, they were defeated by Harper and Rowan in extremely short order for the second week in a row. After the match, Ryder told the WWE Universe that the landscape had changed on SmackDown Live, and it was at that point which Mojo attacked his now former tag team partner from behind.

While Ryder was away with an injury earlier this year WWE actually seemed to be quite high on the singles run of Mojo Rawley. The highlight for the Hype Bros came at WrestleMania 33 when he won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. During that time though Rawley was depicted as a babyface. Clearly, WWE wants to see if Rawley can hold his own as a heel instead.

Fans might be on the fence about Mojo as a singles star but clearly, WWE wants to give the former NXT star a crack at going it alone. Hopefully, they also have something in mind for Ryder beyond the rivalry that will blossom between him and Mojo following this week's betrayal as the longtime Superstar deserves more than to merely watch Rawley pass him by.


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Hype Bros FINALLY Break Up On SmackDown Live